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Offices of Charlie Hebdo

Twelve people have been killed and 10 – 15 people wounded, 5 of whom seriously wounded (4 critically) in a terrorist attack in the offices of the Charlie Hebdo satire magazine on boulevard Richard-Lenoir in Paris (Paris XI).

The terrorists entered the office and asked for specific victims by name. Reports indicate the terrorists were well trained and professionals.


Two policemen have been killed among the 11.

Three gunman committed the terror attack, shooting Kalashnikov rifles. They swapped cars during their escape.

Witnesses say they heard the shooters say, “We’ve avenged the honor of the prophet!” according to Sky News.

According to Le Figaro, the gunman are on the run after a shootout with policemen.

A pedestrian has been injured by the terrorist’s vehicle, and there has been a second shootout, according to Le Figaro.

Paris is now at the highest alert level.

The magazine has published anti-ISIS and Prophet Mohammed cartoons in the past.

The following is the most recent cartoon tweeted by Charlie Hebdo:

A recently published cartoon by Charlie Hebdo criticizing the leader of the Islamic state, Al-Baghdadi.

Live news feed:

On January 1st, arsonist set a fire to a Paris synagogue and painted swastikas on the walls of the shul.


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  1. France is learning what Israel experiences every day – terrorism at home. It's funny though – having these experiences doesn't help these countries understand the commonality – they are too caught up in labeling Israel as the problem. Israel has many promises made for her future – and the end result is good. Shalom from an American Christian

  2. And what will France do now? How will they react to this? Nothing, thats all, French are weak like the rest of The West, its time to remove all Muslims for from all Western countries, why on Earth were they allowed to migrate in the first place? We do not need them and they are the most unproductive people you can get.

  3. et France continue their pass by tolerating and letting the Muslims extremists grow in France. Before all the Europeans realize that the problem in the world is not Israel but it is the Muslim Extremists, It will be way too late and the same will go on all over the European Continent.

  4. Thus beginneth the Third World War! Doesn't anyone realize the attacks by ISIS and Hamas etc. against the world is the exactly this?! Let us Americans not be smug and sit idly by….Frighteningly, this will probably be coming to a neighborhood near us.

  5. Of course it wasn't Muslims and it is nothing to do with Islam. Your left wing politicians and Govt's will tell you so. You wanted to mix people and prove multiculturalism works, nut it doesn't and this clearly demonstrates Islam is a cult of evil. It doesn't matter how many die, 1 death is 1 death too many. Yes, not all Muslims are evil, it is their ideology that is evil, the book of hate called the Quran. Islam & its creator Muhammad lived by the sword. It is a cult of evil.

  6. Europe and France in particular will continue to hate Jews, Israel and be antisemetic and support aid and abet its muslim terror loving Jihad spreading Muslim hordes. French Jews – all European Jews – run for your lives. Continue making Aliyah and fleeing Christian/European antisemitism. Does anyone know if any of the victims were Jews?

  7. But will the 500,000 Jews flee before it's too late? Why haven't they fled to Israel already. It is the safest place on the planet because it is the only country with enough sense to directly deal with terrorists. The only place Israel lacks good judgment is dealing with Muslims on the Temple Mount.

  8. The world will not be safe until the world recognizes that there are Muslims bent on destroying anyone not of their faith. The "politically correct" group will not recognize their evil.

  9. This is great news as France may open its eyes to the cancer that exists within its boundaries. Islam is a religion of death. This is a religion that treats woman like animals, and treats other religions as enemies to the State. If we do watch ourselves in Canada, Australia, or the US, this same scenario will be repeated in these western countries. The Jews who live in France know they will be next to die in this slaughterhouse. Either the entire Jewish population emigrates, or they die in another Holocaust. They have a choice to make.

  10. Immigration Policies have opened up these radicals coming to Europe in masse. As a result these so-called Peace loving people invoke a tongue binding tyranny and print censorship that is unprecedented outside of a Caliphate. Stay tuned Sharia is coming to a local town you know soon!

  11. Yashar koach for running even one of these "cartoons" criticizing these fascist barbarians. The New York Times et al mention the cartoons but don't like to them, because they're too scared. This will continue until the fear of the barbarians is overtaken by fear of the loss of freedom.

  12. All Jews should leave France-istan. It will start to look like the deserts of the middle east. what to they contribute to humanity, except murder, mayhem, violence and turmoil- all in the name of Allah. If the police are frightened to clean up Paris, then let the army do it.

  13. I think that the enemies of the Muslims…which means all the other people on earth….should NOT insult the muslims…they can't deal with that….and they will attack….and sticks and stones and guns an prison may break their bones but names will never harm them!!! so why bother with name calling!!! rather instead you should just DEPORT THEM/KILL them when they do violence/do all you can to limit their population…so NO children under 18 can reside/stay/live/visit/walk around in any nonmuslim country…no children under 18 can go to school or receive any benefits whatsoever in any nonmuslim country. But yet no insults about their leaders or religion.
    All muslim criminals would be castrated so they could not raise dozens of new violent terrorists. Murders would be executed and fed to pigs on live tv so that this would be an huge deterrent to more violence…even if sucide bomber is blown up…his body parts could be found and fed to pigs…it would be a huge deterent MORE than dying since he is not afraid of suicide! but is afraid of being fed to pigs.
    OR just keep doing NOTHING like you are doing and the muslims who now make up 25% of European countries will within ten years make up 50% of European countries and TAKE OVER….only a matter of time before they demand and get the vote in each country. Soon muslims will run the country legally and illegally and the court system will be muslim.
    ofcourse the entire country can convert (those few allowed by them to live). So I mentioned tough ways to deal with enemies but not once did I say insult them….you should be respectful to them and their religion but nevertheless overpower and deport them

  14. The only reason these types of attacks haven't happened in the US is because they haven't immigrated/infiltrated enough of them here yet. We are a much larger country geographically than France and England and it will take longer to get these killer elements settled here through our immigration policies, which are becoming more and more lax. All I can hope for at this point is that when these attacks come, they do so in areas where American citizens are carrying personal firearms for protection and they send these killers to hell where they belong, so we don't have to suffer the ridiculous farce of prolonged trials and "life" in prison where they are accommodated with every aspect of their religion.. which is the ideology that calls for our destruction.

  15. made no difference up to this point, because the hate was only pointed at the ''ing jews''. suddenly, ''we have a problem'' is on everyones lips. really? go ask mr rushdie what it's like. he has had a ''fatwa'' against him for years or you can just go about your business and listen to Rosemary Clooney singing ''c'monna my house'' 5 times a day.

  16. When your elected officials vote against Israel, they are voting FOR this murderous cancer that is anti everything that is not Muslim. As for myself, I do not feel I will be comfortable in a head-to-toe covering sackcloth… and my family knows I could ever keep my mouth shut and my opinion to myself… so as a woman I would be the first to be stoned to death should Sharia law become the rule in America.

    Dark humor aside, Israel stands as the lone defense against this encroaching militant evil in the Middle East. To not support her is to eventually cut our own throats. Americans, be careful whom you elect to run our country.

  17. The Moslems say that Mohammed in the 7th century offered three options to his opponents:
    a- Conversion
    b- Pay Jizya
    c- or, Die

    In our days, in the 21st century, the Islamism is making the same offers.
    What is the difference? Only time – one thousand four hundred years..!

  18. Sadly, it appears the chickens have home to roost…The French Government has to wake up NOW to the reality of Islamic Terror. No more excuses and making nice to the bad guys.. Hit them and hit them hard NOW! Enough of the garbage..Stand up and fight back…

  19. Shows islam appreciation that Frabnce voted for a phistinean state.
    did hey think the arabs would leave france to go back from where they came from?
    No! France and the UK is the next country they intend to squat and occupy and overthrow.

  20. A week later Europe will forget this accident and vote against taking action to fight the terrorists and hardcore fanatics, nothing new here guys and gals.
    It's hard to go against a madmen group which consist of many many people and unfathomable resources.
    There are 1.6 billion Muslims and around 9 millions Jews in the world.
    I know which side is safer to pick…but are you brave enough to choose the right side?

  21. I am not particularly thrilled about the poss. prospect of wearing, essentially, a head-to-toe chenille bedspread either…! – and am, also, not a person who would be quiet about injustice. That said, have also been warning my fellow Americans about the danger of the extremist Muslims, and you can bet your sweet bippy they are here in the U.S., too, just waiting for a signal to do just such a thing as this incident. We had our 9-11, then seemed to promptly forget, too-what in the world is WRONG with us!?!

  22. Note to JP: Thank you for calling them terrorists; though, Islamic terrorists would clarify what type terrorists they are. Notice that La Figaro & Sky News call them gunmen.

    And, the victims weren't killed; they were murdered.

    Those not making an effort to weed out from civilized countries the majority of radical Muslims, but are just sitting there lying about the percentage of radicals and blaming those like PEGIDA for trying to stop this, should shut the hell up & get out of the way and let those who will expel from our countries those who, in every country in the world, as they grow in numbers, commit higher levels of attacks, more open & brazen, and more frequent. Doing nothing is not opposing hate, it's empowering mass-murder, serious injury, dislocation, & loss of treasure.
    A radical minority is a MYTH!
    Islam is both moderate and radical, but which more? It isn't even close! makes civilized world leaders look like suicidal foolish quizzlings tolerant of the destruction of civilization.
    If civilization can't stand up to the hundreds of millions of openly radical Muslims now, when things regress further, it isn't going to get any easier.
    All of France's official support for the overwhelmingly genocidal so-called Palestinians and against overwhelmingly civilized Israel hasn't stopped from taking over France, now, has it? 70 million Muslims aren't in Europe to harm Israel.

  23. In support of your post:
    Ben Shapiro: The Myth of the Tiny Radical Muslim Minority

    And, Is Islam more moderate or more radical? It isn't even close:

  24. Alan Kardon The French are the enemy of the Jews. Jewish emigration from France to Israel has been the highest to date as a result of the massive French hatred towards the State of Israel. You should study French history before you comment. Have you not heard about the Dreyfus Trial? or the Vichy Government complying with the Nazis to round up all of the Jews in paris and elsewhere? The French allowed these savages to ravage their country, now it looks like they received their just rewards.

  25. Alan Kardon Apparently you do not live on or near a border state. I reside in Arizona and I can assure you that we have all kinds of immigrants who are nothing more than terrorists. It is only a definition that is unless they shoot you. Then it becomes a fact.

  26. Alan Kardon The Jews rarely fight back anywhere. Certainly not in Israel. It takes a good 1000 rockets from Gaza to get the Israelis off their asses. Jews are the smartest people on earth, but not as fighters. They make the point that to appease these savages, eventually they(The Palestinians) will leave them alone. This has been the Jewish mantra since the middle ages and it worked well for them then, as it works for them today.

  27. Cody Flecker I did not say we do not have immigrants. My question was "We have immigration policies"? Based on the amount that are here ILLEGALLY I question if we do have a policy. Since the Government admits to failing only 12 million times they want to change the current policy so they don't look so incompetent. I think 12 million is to conservative number, probably closer to 20 MILLION.

  28. Cody Flecker I know French history. I am not a fan of the French. Never was. I support 500 thousand Jews who must learn that by fighting back they will deter much of the pain they are suffering. You think that Israeli Jews and the Jews in the United States don't have to fight anti semitism every day. Maybe you should learn some history.

  29. I can really feel for the victims and their families in this tragedy but I am not surprised for some time now the European countries, and this certainly includes France has been kissing Muslim asses. They come to Europe and demand that you accept their ways, change your laws and accommodate them in many ways. The unbelievably naïve European politicians comply and punish their own citizens because they continue in the traditions they have followed for centuries.
    I challenge you, any of the naïve politicians in Europe, to move to one of the Muslim countries and see how you are received, how they go out of their way to accommodate you and your religion and your customs. Rottsa Ruck Dummy!

  30. Israel Awaits all Jews. Arming yourself in a foreign country, especially one that does not particularly like Jews would backfire. Non Jewish Supporters of Israel and the Free World's War On Terror – Speak up and Demonstrate against the Free Reign that the Haters seem to have even in the Western World. The Free World Was Silent and did Nothing to Hitler until it was too late, not only for the Jewish People, for the Free World. How many Soldiers and Citizens died during WWII? Please do not remain silent now either. The old adage that" when it is bad for the Jews it is bad for everyone " is true. When there is no democracy, we all suffer.

  31. Alan Kardon The USA has an immigration policy. It is simply that we are going to let in as many illegals as possible, in the hope that "we can whitewash them by giving them amnesty" then making sure that these people vote solidly Democratic. This idea may sound far fetched, but in reality that is what is happening right now on the border.

    Let me tell you just how bad this situation is: A few years ago, I was driving my 300SD Mercedes Benz leaving Gila Bend Arizona and traveling on Highway 8 to Yuma Arizona. It was 8:00PM and a dark night. The speed limit is 75mph. My Benz weighs 6900 pounds with a full tank of diesel. I was driving 65mph with a fully loaded tractor trailer passing me on my left, and he was traveling at the legal speed limit. An illegal tried running across the highway and not calculating the speed of the truck, was hit by the truck. The man flew out and smack into my car. There was little damage to the truck and almost no damage to my vehicle. Both the truck driver and I stopped to search for the Mexican and since it was pitch black in the desert, we could not find any trace of him. We called the State Police immediately and were told that we should leave the scene as we will never find the victim. We were also told that if we drove back the same route in the morning we should see about 25 or more ambulances picking up the remains of illegals who were not lucky in crossing Highway 8. The next day I did indeed count 38 ambulances doing exactly that. What happened to me, turned out to be a nightly occurrence for years for many other drivers.

  32. Cody Flecker The Jews have become fierce fighters, it is their sense of justice they do not want to kill innocent people, or leave them homeless. That is why they try and do surgical strikes. However the world sees them as warmongers. The Arabs as freedom fighters, we all know why, it is because they are simply Jews.

  33. Aryeh Sax In Israel back in 1995, I rented a car in Tiberius and drove it to Jerusalem. Not being able to read Hebrew I got lost in an Arab neighborhood and took a wrong street to get back to where I should have been in the first place. At the end of the street, there were three Palestinian Arabs standing. They picked up some rocks and began pelting my rental car smashing the windshield and denting the front end. I immediately got out of the car, bloodied face and all and picked up a rock. I threw it at one of the Arabs and the rock hit him in the head and basically knocked him out. The other Arab I hit him at close range and broke his nose. The third Arab ran away. Ironically one of the Arabs remembered my license plate number and reported the incident to the police. The police tracked me down and after a lengthy conversation told me to leave Israel, as"my kind was not welcomed there" I left the next day never to return. Jews apparently do not mind if they get blown up, murdered, raped, kidnapped etc. They do very little to avenge these tragedies. The Arabs know this and this is why they can kill the Jews with impunity knowing very little will happen to them.

  34. Cody Flecker I agree I think the punishment delivered to terrorist is way too lenient. In contrast my nephew and his wife was traveling in Israel with another couple, When their car was pelted with rocks. They (the police) caught three of the four or five and young adults (17-19 year old's)and sentenced them to jail and fined them, also their family's paid for the car repair.

  35. Barbara Solomon Brown You can run but you cannot hide. Not everyone, Jews and non Jews want to relocate. They should be allowed to stay were they want and live in peace. If this will not happen then it is time to fight back. 500,000 people is not a handful. France is SUPPOSE to be a democracy. To many people have fought and died so that France could be free of Nazi occupation. In respect to all that died it is an obligation to NEVER EVER AGAIN have this happen.

  36. Barbara Solomon Brown You can run but you cannot hide. Not everyone, Jews and non Jews want to relocate. They should be allowed to stay were they want and live in peace. If this will not happen then it is time to fight back. 500,000 people is not a handful. France is SUPPOSE to be a democracy. To many people have fought and died so that France could be free of Nazi occupation. In respect to all that died it is an obligation to NEVER EVER AGAIN have this happen.

  37. Cody Flecker That is the way our government is currently ENFORCING our LAWS. They are violating their Constitutional oath to uphold the laws of the United States. We the people, the United States citizens are allowing it to happen. Blame Ourselves.

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