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New York Police Department vehicle

Two brothers on their way home from synagogue between prayers were attacked and beaten by a gang of three men during the holy day of Yom Kippur in the Marine Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, JP Updates reported late Thursday.

The two brothers, one age 23 and the other a bit younger, were attacked at the intersection of East 66th Street and Avenue U by men yelling “F— Jews” and other anti-Semitic slurs. Both were wearing traditional Jewish garb at the time.


According to New York Police, the suspects fled after beating their victims, and the two young men made their way back to synagogue, where security personnel called NYPD and the Hatzolah emergency medical response service.

The older victim sustained bruises and other injuries, including a laceration on his mouth. He was treated at the scene. His younger brother, however, was evacuated to a local medical center; he sustained injuries to his eye and mouth.

NYPD Precinct 63 responded to the synagogue and also sent officers to the scene to collect evidence. The Hate Crime Task Force is now leading the investigation, according to NYPD spokesperson Lee Jones, who said it is being classified as a “possible anti-Semitic attack.”



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