Photo Credit: courtesy, Orit Kopel / Facebook
'Character of the Day: Ha'aretz.'

A satiric cartoon in the leftist Ha’aretz daily, slamming Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, has been turned around on the newspaper by a Zionist cartoonist of equal talent.

The cartoon showed the prime minister flying a plane named “Israel” heading directly into New York’s Twin Towers at the now-fallen World Trade Center, destroyed in a similar manner by Al Qaeda on Sept. 11, 2001.


It was a crude and tasteless way in which to attack the country’s leader.

Orit Kopel redrew the cartoon, however, to instead depict the “Character of the Day” flying the plane, labeled “Ha’aretz” (in Hebrew) directly at the Twin Towers decorated as the State of Israel and flying the Israeli flag.

Within the first hour of posting the cartoon on her Facebook page, Kopel received 173 “Likes” and 25 “shares” for the drawing.

“Great!” several people responded. “You’re a queen!” said one.



  1. 9/11 was the day that America was raped of her terrorists innocence. No one in rhis country will never EVER forget that day
    where thousands of innocent lives were murdered. Not only in those two buildings
    but in three airplanes!!! Someone knows someone in this country who is connected somehow to that tragedy. Just to see the
    twin towers used again as terrorism in a cartoon should piss any descent person off
    who has a conscience. It most certainly will in the USA.Not only were the lives lost withmpeople who worked there, also lives of the children in a daycare. Lives of firemen and first responders. Religious leaders trying to help lost their lives also. The Twin Towers is a sacred spot in all Americans. Too bad this cartoonist is null and void of the seriuosness of his cruel reminder of such a horrific event with heart mourning memories to all Americans of all race, greed, and color. What a moron who cant think what his actions just created . Not just in Israel but very much in the USA.

  2. well so much for integrity, I wonder what kind of stupid ass cartoon I can come up with to degrade all the loss of the lives from two countries that could careless about the people! DUMB ASSES I KNOW LETS BLOW THE WHOLE ING WORLD UP THEN WE WON'T HAVE TO LIVE WITH EACH OTHER ANYMORE! THIS PAPER SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF ANYTHING THAT MAKES LIGHT OF THE LOSS OF LIFE! IN ANY COUNTRY!!!!!

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