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Channel 2 sprung a surprise debate on PM Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu against Zionist Union (Labor) chief MK Yitzchak “Buji” Herzog on Channel 2’s live “Meet the Press” show.

Both party chiefs have said they want a debate, but Netanyahu made it clear that if Herzog wants a debate, it has to be simultaneously against both Herzog and Livni together, since Herzog and Livni are running as a team.


At the beginning of the show, the off-site Netanyahu was clearly not aware that his half-opponent Yitzchak Herzog was in the studio, and he thought he was simply going to be interviewed.

It appears that Herzog had some advance warning.

If you look carefully, you’ll note that Herzog is wearing an earpiece in his left ear, implying that someone may have been feeding him lines for either the interview or the debate.

Herzog was so excited to be debating Netanyahu, without co-Captain Tzipi Livni that he apparently didn’t realize when he mixed up Jerusalem with Netanyahu (time: 2:05) in his statement on who he would be protecting. That gave Netanyahu a chuckle.

While Netanyahu was clearly not expecting to be ambushed this way, he definitely came out on top, even when Channel 2 (time 3:20) lowered the volume on Netanyahu and raised the volume for Herzog’s interruption.

Surprisingly, the host rather rudely then cut off Herzog in mid-counterattack (time: 3:30) telling him his time in the studio was up, at which point, a clearly annoyed Herzog walked off the set. Netanyahu then continued the interview and also responded to Herzog’s question.



  1. Human nature is so fickle and it seems the liberal press in Israel is corrupt as it is in the U.S.

    Netanyahu has kept Israel and it's people, Jews, Christians and Muslims, safe. He is highly intelligent, knows what needs to be done to keep Israel and the world safe but unfortunately the gates of hell seems to be opened and evil wants to destroy freedom and eliminate God from the world.

  2. I get the gist of it, but it is difficult, University level Hebrew. Bibi clearly had the upper hand, this interview is actually quite funny, and Herzog clearly became quite flustered trying to debate Bibi.

  3. Bouji and Livni are two selfish and cowards. A combination of these two characteristics is the sign for danger, especially when it comes to the Jewish people. Jews have fought almost two centuries to arrive to the present time; would you want these two people to throw Israel under the bus so that they may be patted on their behinds by Obama and the EU?

  4. I am a Jerusalem born Sabra and a retired judge in the US and was there during the war for Independence and when Israel became a nation; and am very aware of the constant dangers this little country faces. PM Netanyahu is the best defender and representative Israel has; and I wish you could have all heard his wonderful speech to the US congress. Israel's continued survival depends on her having this strong representative as is Netanyahu; and a change during these dangerous times, will signal evil countries that they now can easily go against Israel. Please do NOT ALLOW IT. Too much Jewish blood and sacrifice have been spent in bring this little nation into creation- and you cannot allow her to lose ground now, in these very critical times. Toda raba– judge eve cohen ellingwood, ret- email:

  5. They should be down on their knees thanking the Lord for a Leader like PM Netanyahu! He is the greatest leader on the earth, and he loves and protects his Nation. It is hard to understand anyone in Israel who is against him.

  6. Sort of put me in mind of the King/Stephanopoulos debacle,

    "RUSH: I'm getting a lot of e-mails, "When are you going to talk about this Ann Coulter thing with Chris Matthews?" Yes, we've got audio sound bites about it. I just want to say one thing about this, well, maybe a couple things about this. If you don't know what happened which is not hard to understand because it was on Hardball and nobody watches that show in great numbers, we'll have some audio and we'll get to it at some point. I don't know when, Mike, so don't panic setting it up. It's not going to be any time soon. But just a clear setup. It was like when George H. W. Bush back in the '90 campaign was on Larry King Live and Stephanopoulos called in and started arguing. George H. W. Bush is a guest, he'd been invited on, and he was ambushed by George Stephanopoulos. King is out there acting all surprised that Stephanopoulos got through. I know how these things work, because I, ladies and gentlemen, have been on these shows and have been ambushed too. That's why I don't do these things, it's not productive."

  7. I pray for Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu daily.I want to thank the Prime Minister for coming to America and to our Congress to give the warning IF we don't work together to defeat the Evil Terrorist it will be the end of both Nations.We here in America don't have a leader we have a bunch of dogs who don't bark and we know dogs that don't bark a warning are useless.Now I will make it clear I love dogs I have had a house full of them and they don't need training they will bark when there is something wrong or danger is near but the ones in our government just lay around waiting for their treats at the expensive of the people.May GOD continue to bless Israel and her people with protection and may HE bless America again.

  8. Bibi was very confident and decisive. He said Herzog and Livni would fold right away under pressure, and I believe that. Any voters on the fence will vote for him when they see this interview. Herzog made a mistake walking out so abruptly. I don't understand exactly why he did that. It seemed kind of odd and left Bibi to make some major points unhindered.

  9. Reading the American press on the Israeli election you'd think the Jews of Israel want lower rents so badly — even if they become radioactive! It's a Jewish joke. Paying so much rent is like the crime of buying retail. It's a bad deal. Humiliating! Vote for the squishies on Iran, but the toughies on rent gougers!

  10. Shalom from Jerusalem
    Interesting times we live here for sure and the tension is so powerful now. We are all hoping that this nation has not lost their senses and that the polls are lying to confuse and trick people to give up or vote for the terrible twins, LIvni and Boozie.

  11. buji shows for the C***sucker he is; top 3 MKs on list ; Itzik Shmuli, Stav Shaffir and Lippi Livni ; an agent ,who sold out Israel to a foreign power in 1989 fined 14million nis , now in a repeat bought by Obama Buji should not be in a position to let Obama run over Israel by the bus he threw it under for the sake of Islam

  12. The power of words is the strongest power of all .Bibi have it all!! In Congress he spoke with emotional intelligence and heart, here he spoke with logic and confidence. We should all be "UNITED" in this cause. We have the privilege to have him as a leader and he should have the privilege to have our support.

  13. LOL, though Bibi's been weak in dealing with the overwhelmingly genocidal Arab Muslims living on the tiny strip of land west of the Jordan, not repatriating them, including all 5th column Arab Israelis opposed to Israel's existence, one can't compare his knowledge, experience, & wisdom to that of any Libtarded Libturd imbecile.

  14. A friend who is seated near Herzog in shul and observes him says he is a real " poens " ( meaning schlemiel )
    How can such a man who is in partnership with Livni replace someone of the stature of Netanyahu
    Obama would also like nothing better than having to do with pushover lefties like Livni and Herzog
    The world envies Israel because it has a world leader in its midst
    No other country today has his equal !

  15. If you want Bibi, you must vote for Likud. If you don't, don't be suprised when you wake up with Herzon (and a hidden Livni) and don't complain when people like me protest all the devastation they will cause.

    You can't vote for the PM this election, only a party.

  16. Herzog seems clearly not to be the right person to be the leader of Israel. He looks not prepared and insecure. Not even his voice tone expresses assurance.
    Hopefully, Israelis will understand this by Tuesday.

  17. He has so much good experience, if the people want things to run smoothly, don't vote a freshman with no experience to take over.He has done good things for the people, kept them safe in a world that is almost impossible …vote smart and good luck to the people of Israel.

  18. If this is a sign of how Herzog would run the country, then not sure why anyone would vote for him. What is he going to do, walk off if things do not go his way? In the end Bibi had outclassed and out-debated him even with the TV Station trying to silence him for a moment.

  19. Sonia Willats Hopefully the investigation by congress into this blatant tampering with another countries election will start heads rolling. Once more we have seen the Democrats are not the friends of Israel anymore, so one has to ask, why do American Jews keep voting for these idiots?

  20. I really hope Israel realizes how blessed they are to have a leader like Netanyahu. Screw this election up and you will have a leader like Obama. Praying for BiBi to win!

  21. EVERY CITIZEN CAN SUPPORT OR REFUSE IT'S GOVERNMENT VISION AND POLICY. A big task still awaits every Nation: To decide and even written declare either accepting the State leadership's (in power) VISION of existence and progress or to oppose and radically search for a better Ambient-State, suggest repairs of the VISION. This idea could work to block all external interferences and possible individual mind changing. Once the majority of supporters is being created, the minority should respect the Vision's realisation.

  22. I saw this "debate" on the Hebrew news. It was kind of funny. Bibi looked huge, like 10 times bigger than Herzog because he was on a large screen. It is true, Bibi was caught off guard at first. But then he clobbered Herzog re the risk of dividing Jerusalem and withdrawing from Judea and Samaria. When Rina cut Herzog off, he scowled and left, half tripping because his chair swiveled. It was kind of a knockout of a monster Bibi on a huge screen over an effeminate complainer with a high pitched whine.

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