Photo Credit: courtesy Jerusalem of Gold auction house
The Shabbat spectacles of the Chazon Ish

The Jerusalem of Gold auction house is offering a pair of eye glasses belonging to Avrohom Yeshaya Karelitz of righteous memory (1878 –1953), one of the greatest leaders of Haredi Judaism in Israel who was known by the name of his magnum opus Chazon Ish.

The Chazon Ish held no official position, but was recognized worldwide as an authority on Jewish law, although he did not publish many responsa. He had an immense influence on Haredi Judaism in Israel, maintaining an anti-Zionist viewpoint and only begrudgingly accepting the establishment of the State of Israel.


The Shabbat spectacles of the Chazon Ish, according to the auction material, were designed to be worn very close to the head, in order to solve the problem of going out with them on Shabbat (so they won’t count as being carried outdoors on the sacred day). According to the auction house, there is a precise, detailed tradition according to which the spectacles belonged to the Chazon Ish. Their condition is listed as Very Good.

As a means of promoting the precious item, the auction house noted: “Who knows how many verses were read with these spectacles and how much was studied with them! The complete Torah!

The opening bid is $2,000. They expect to raise between five and eight thousand.



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