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Islamic fundamentalists in France.

The Islamic State now has competition, called the “Christian State.”

The anonymous “Christian State” group has sent a threatening letter to Belgium’s major mosque and two other mosques, warning that it will murder Muslims.


The precise language of the letter is:

No mosque and none of your businesses will be safe. Brothers [Muslims] will be slaughtered like pigs and crucified as our Lord converts their souls.

Belgian Muslim leader Jamal Habbachich said he will file a complaint with the police over the threatening letters,, which he called “very serious.”

One of the letters reached the Attadamoune mosque, a major Islamic institution and located in the same  Molenbeek district that is connected with the Islamic State (ISIS) massacres two weeks ago in Paris that killed 130 people.

Belgian prime minister Charles Michel has threatened to close “certain radical mosques” in the Molenbeek neighborhood.

The Brussels’ Grand Mosque was evacuated on Thursday after packets of white powered were found. It was s false alarm. Investigators discovered that the powder was flour.



  1. I often sit here wondering how long it will take Europe to violently expell the Muslims from Europe again? It took hundreds of years last time, But, this time, the power is in the hands of the Christians. If they are conquered again, they have only themselves to blame.

  2. Sorry, true Christians do not kill. They are killed, or persecuted. I agree with Angela Abella: There are no Christian countries. No one is born a Christian either. I was born a religious person, but when I heard the gospel of grace, I abandoned the religion of my parents and family, and decided to follow the Lord Jesus Christ who died for me. Then, I became a Christian. I don’t hate Muslims, or Hindues or Buddhists or any adherents of any religion, although I don’t like religions myself. I love the Gospel which I verely believed is the grandest message this poor world has ever heard.

  3. No civilized society should tolerate this. I am not of the Muslim faith. I have deep admiration for the country of Belgium. I always wish it well. I had the privilege of receiving an education there. I remain deeply grateful for that education and feel deeply honored to know many outstanding citizens of Belgium. I cannot condone any abuse of any human being on the basis of religion. One must draw a line. Surely there is such a line for Christians, including Christians in Belgium. There are moral absolutes that cannot be transgressed. Has Europe not learned?

  4. The day is soon coming, when wearing a burka in public outside of a Muslim nation, will get you killed in the streets. It is the inevitable backlash, to radical Islamic activism.

    You are in people's faces, insisting that they convert to your enslaved way of life, or else? Or else, what?

    In such a situation, one side or the other, has to go. And one side, has already made such a policy their entire worldview. So, what can you expect to happen, in the end?

    Anyone who does not understand that this is the birth pangs, that this is the beginning of WW III, will likely end up dead in the bargain.

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