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Rabbi Yehudah Glick on the Temple Mount.

Did you know that a camera is a tool of incitement?

The High Court on Thursday accepted a lower court ruling that Rabbi Yehuda Glick cannot visit the Temple Mount, and it refused to hold a hearing on his appeal.


It simply accepted the lower court’s decision that puts its stamp of approval on the argument by police:

The fact the Yehuda Glick ascends the Temple Mount with a camera proves he not just an innocent visitor.

Glick is the Number One enemy of the police on the Temple Mount. He never shouts, never incites and never raises a hand. That is just the type of peaceful Jew on the Temple Mount that the police and liberal establishment media cannot tolerate.

They prefer someone with a snarl on his face and words of hate on his lips.

Glick is a tough customer, but the police finally got the goods on him: He always takes a camera with him.

Photographing  Muslims in a rage against a Jew visiting the Temple Mount, especially one like Glick who believes that Jews should have the right to pray at the holy site, as provided in general terms in the Jordan-Israel peace treaty, could make problems because it is not good PR for the police, the Muslims and Jordan.

Even worse, Glick’s camera might catch the police running away from furious Muslims.

And since Glick’s appearance with a camera infuriates the Muslims, it is a tool of incitement.

Believe it or not, all of the judges have a degree in law.



  1. Its because they know he’s there to cause problems. There are LEGAL ways to do this if he and many others like him wish to. Can’t take somebody else’s law into your own hands and expect the country to bail you out

  2. The peace treaty was signed by idiots without any knowledge of the Torah. Rabin stated that the war won by Israel in 1967 was NO miracle. I say it was. Rabin and Peres were detrimental to the good welfare of the Jewish race, and it continues with Peres, shame on him.

  3. It's a good thing he didn't move his lips on the site of the temple. If he did ,he could be attacked by the arabs and then arrested for suspicion of praying . What a horrible crime,a Jew praying at rhe site of our Temple. This sounds like something in a Fellini movie. Just reading what I wrote makes me question reality.

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