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UN Ambassador Danny Danon

In an interview Monday with The Jewish Press, Israel’s UN Ambassador Danny Danon outlined a plan of action aimed at leveling the playing field against the Boycott Divestment Sanctions movement.

In less than two weeks, Jews around the world will start getting some much needed back-up in the battle against BDS, as Danny Danon, Israel’s envoy to the UN, rolls out a plan of action designed to unite, organize, and train those on the front lines.


“Young people are being effected by the propaganda,” said Danon, “if we don’t counter it, it will become their truth and reality. We have to stand, fight back, and show the world the real face of Israel”.

The initiative’s inaugural event, entitled “Ambassadors Against BDS”, will take place on May 31st when Israel’s Mission to the UN will host 1500 students, organizations, and agencies from around the world at a summit aimed at cultivating a cadre of able young ambassadors who will carry the message back to their campuses, armed with practical advice and the resources to take on the toxic atmosphere created by BDS.

“The goal of the event is to empower students from around the world – not just from the US – by giving them the tools they need to fight back. By doing it at the United Nations, in the General Assembly, we send a clear message that we will not be silent. We are a strong nation and we will overcome this wave of incitement against the State of Israel,” explained Danon, “We can win, but in order to win, we – the State of Israel and world Jewish communities – have to work together in order to be strong and effective.”

Although the initiative is being spearheaded by Israel’s Mission to the UN, other Israeli government Ministries are also behind the trailblazing effort to which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu allocated record funding last summer. “The Israeli government is very aware of the threat posed by BDS”, said Danon, “the Prime Minister takes it very seriously”.

Representatives from several Ministries will be arriving from Israel to take part in the May 31st event. The day will open with a plenary session in the UN General Assembly Hall and be followed by a series of professional panels, where experts from fields such as law and public diplomacy will work with students to hammer out guidelines and provide them with “Ambassadors Against BDS” kits to help implement a new cohesive plan of action.

BDS has been operating for almost 11 years. Its attempts to delegitimize Israel by pressuring businesses, intimidating academics, bullying artists, and the spreading of lies and messages of hate against Jews and Israel on college campuses, have seen more success than previous boycott attempts due to their centralized organization. “I see the work being done by the other side, the way they are organized on college campuses. I know that we can, and we must, be united as well. It’s crucial to understand that this needs to be a joint effort in order to be effective”.

Danon knows there are some people in Israel and here in the United States who think it’s best to ignore BDS, but he’s not one of them. “We cannot and should not ignore the BDS movement, it will not go away. We cannot sit idly by and watch an organized group bashing Israel, in the process of actively trying to delegitimize the State of Israel. Our economy is strong, but we can’t ignore the chilling effect of companies that think twice before investing in Israeli businesses. I don’t think we should wait until the moment when we see the numbers going down, we need to tackle it in advance”.

Although “Ambassadors Against BDS” kits will be available online after the summit, Danon is urging all college students that face anti-Semitism on campus to attend the summit on May 31st. “Registration is free and still open. I encourage all students who can, to participate, to make the effort, to come for one day to the UN. Together, we can proceed with structure, and move forward”.
To register for Ambassadors Against BDS click here.


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Stephanie is a freelance journalist and U.N. Correspondent. She contributes regularly to the Jerusalem Post and the Jewish Press, and is a monthly columnist at JPost Style Magazine. Stephanie is mom to Daniel, Adam, Dean and Anna and divides her time between New York and Tel Aviv.


  1. It's about time! I was told in March1967 (before there were any "occupied territories) by two Syrian students that they and 2 Arab students for each US college were sent to the US, on a high salary, following completion of 6 months of propaganda training in Egypt. Their mission: to propagandize on campuses while getting the latest and greatest educations they could in marketing and advertising–which they said they called "propaganda." See just where being polite and turning the other cheek has gotten us. Oh–and isn't "turning the other cheek" an imperative of another religion that in the past has oppressed us? . . . Think about it, those of you who don't like this initiative!

  2. Its about time Israel got its act together. This racist, hate attacks on Jews/Israel/Zionists has been fermenting for years, and Israel ignored it all. Lets pray that this will begin the ending of this vile Muslim-Leftie hate machine.

  3. Actually, by knowing that these students now have the backing of Israel, BDS supporters will confront them with the accusation that they are lackeys for the Israeli government. This will make their work actually more difficult. And what kind of material are they being armed with? To challenge their lies about Israel? Won't be believed. Better to go on the offensive and expose the lie of the so-called Palestinian people. Just say it over and over and over again.

  4. Just about two weeks ago I released undercov er videos that StoptheISM obtained of the Board of Directors for the BDS Movement ijn NOrthern California in which their leadership admit they do't really care about BDS but really just want to destroy Israel in any way possible. Since then, I've had to go begging to get Jewish groups to even watch the videos. Some supposed fighters of BDS in fact find my material as competition even though it's free to use. Danon and company have yet to even remark on what I have for them. Readers can view the videos here:

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