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Then US Secy of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif shake hands.

Medoff also pointed out the nearly pathological affinity (my term, not his) American Jews have for the Democratic party, and the inability of the group, as a whole, to rebuff a favored position by the head of the Democratic party.

Another troubling aspect regarding the poll: the Jewish Journal hired the polling company to formulate and conduct the poll. Given the way in which the significant questions were asked, and which ones were included in the article published about the poll, it is not beyond the pale to suggest that the poll was results-driven.


When we spoke with Professor Pollak of Hebrew University, he happened to be at the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia. He said that he was invoking a tourist’s prerogative, quoting the founder of the university. To wit: “As Benjamin Franklin said, and as is inscribed on the street at the entrance to the University of Pennsylvania, ‘a half-truth is often a great lie.'”

To echo Medoff’s point, The Israel Project released a new poll on Tuesday, July 28. The TIP poll revealed that, in contrast to what the Jewish Journal reported, “U.S. Jews overwhelmingly reject the Iran deal when given enough information about it.” When presented with arguments against the deal, 58 percent of the American Jewish community want Congress to reject the deal and not to lift sanctions on Iran.


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