Photo Credit: Crown Heights Info
Police moments after they shot a knife-wielding man at the Chabad 770 headquarters shortly shortly before 2 a.m. Tuesday.

The Crown Heights Info website has released a dramatic video showing the entire attempted murder of Jews at the Chabad 770 Torah study hall in the pre-dawn hours Tuesday and a policeman’s neutralizing the man with a single bullet.

Footage shows the man standing in the Beit Midrash study hall with a knife. A policeman pulled out a gun and said, “Hands up.”


The man raised his hands but as soon as the police officer returned the gun to his holster, the man moved menacingly towards the police officer and then started running through the Torah study hall, yelling, “I want to kill a Jew” while policemen tried to trap him until a gunshot ended the chase.

The victim suffered serious wounds but his condition is not life-threatening. The attacker died in the hospital from his bullet wound.



  1. My sincere prayers for Levi Yitzchok ben Raizel. May HaShem touch him and heal him quickly. As for the stabber, he is the one who deserved to die so hats off to the police who shot him.

  2. how much hate and misunderstanding is bottled up inside you and Mr Kardon? The President is not a Muslim, he doesn't hate Jews, he doesn't comment on every deranged criminal event and this unfortunate attack on us has nothing to do with Michael Brown or Eric Garner. You know all of this but you like to revel in outraged victimhood. If you guys DON'T know these elements to be factual, please seek help before your lives spin out of control–Rachmana L'Tzlan.

  3. Sandy Alter When you get your head out of their butt you will see what is going on. You forgot to mention that Barack Hussein and Al Sharpton do nothing about Burning, Looting and robbing innocent Americans in protests. They do nothing about protesters disrupting the daily lives of innocent Americans that have nothing to do with any incidents. So explain my "Misunderstanding"?

  4. In Ferguson, all the black witnesses stated the 300 pound thief hit the cop, tried to grab his gun, then charged him looking to tear off his head when he was told to stop. If you were an officer and a 300 pound felon was charging you, what would you do? Aim for his legs or the most prominent part of his body to stop,him from killing you. Remember- all witnesses were black and the evidence was for the officer. He was not “executed”.

  5. He was executed in the street. If the cop was so afraid, he should have called and waited for backup (in any case) while sitting locked up in his car crying. Then when it was all over he should have gone back for more training or quit (without shooting someone down). Some cops–like the ones in this story handled it much better.

  6. Thank you Mayor DeBlasio, Governnor Cuomo, etc. for releasing dangerous people to attack us! I guess the criminal justice system needs more work, (And others: coroners, grave diggers, etc.): More cops, more training, etc. TOUGHER LAWS…N E V E R ! 'The 7 Noahide Laws'….NEVER! Civilization? NEVER! REAL AMERICA! NEVER! Folks….it's simple…those in power believe there's many gods and one world instead of One G-d and Two Worlds. The victims family (And other as well) should initiate a class action law suit against NYC..this is all the authorities understand $$$ Love? Perhaps in 1,000 years. (YES this is a Xristian society…see the results?)

  7. Very good for Chabad to release the video! Because of the transparency, it is apparent to any objective viewer that the police could not have avoided this shooting. This is why all officers should have body cameras. It is just sad, that a sanctuary that is holding torah scrolls that were used personally by the Lubavitcher Rav for learning had to be the auspices of a brutal knife attack and a killing. A refuah sheleimah to the victim.

  8. Sandy Alter very easy for you to speak out. You're not in a hospital fight to live because some idiot that did not even know you decided to end your you life because your a Jew. You are of course joking when you say that we are reveling in victim hood. Look victim up in the dictionary. When someone attacks you with a knife, you are the victim….now fighting to stay alive. Obama admitted he is a Muslim. Get you facts straight.

  9. dearest Reb Baruch: this poor kid is in an induced coma and you're littering the internet with your lunacy? Call your assemblyman and tell him to introduce the Sheva Mitzvot B'nai Noach in a bill in Albany. While your at it , let's stone Shabbat desecrators and reintroduce Leverite Marriage. and what? there were no murderers before the birth of Charles Darwin? why didn't they "think 10 times" before 1840? keep what's left of your mind on your tefilot for LEVI YITZCHOK ben RAIZEL.

  10. If the knife threat is within 21 feet (roughly 6.5 meters) there will be no questions asked. This is a justifiable use of deadly force. Kudos to the officer who went home uncut and unpunctured.

  11. Tomex Lfc Anfield then why did the cop take his eyes off the suspect, and why didn't his partner move in closer? He was "neutralized", without the knife, and these guys thought the other had his back, or he was "neutralized " and they assumed he was never going to look at that knife again….it was SLOPPY.

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