Photo Credit: Matanya Tausig flash90
A pro-Assad protest by Druze in Majdal Shams on the Golan Heights. (Archive: 2012)

A Druze mob attacked an IDF military ambulance on Tuesday evening in the village of Majdal Shams in the Northern Golan in Israel.

The IDF ambulance was transporting 2 wounded Syrian to an Israeli hospital — and according to Channel 10 Israel TV, the 2 were beaten to death by the mob.


An IDF doctor and driver were lightly wounded by the mob.

Some of the Majdal Shams Druze are pro-Syrian (they are concerned that eventually Israel will leave the Golan and if they aren’t pro-Assad they will be slaughtered), and they are angry that Israel is providing medical aid to rebel forces, in addition to the daily death count of the bloody civil war in Syria.

The IDF has increased security at Israeli hospital beds where wounded Syrians are receiving medical care, due to concerns that Druze will attack the wounded in their beds.

At least one of the Syrians being transported tonight has been confirmed as being killed by the lynch mob.



  1. This will not help their cause of rescuing their brethren in Syria; matter of fact, it could cause them to be slaughtered. Israel has been willing to provide a safety zone and safe passage and provide weapons; what we don't want is to be sucked into this war.

  2. "(they are concerned that eventually Israel will leave the Golan and if they aren’t pro-Assad they will be slaughtered),"

    The sad fact is that it is true. Israel has abandoned former allies. The christtians in Lebanon and many pro Israel arabs in Judea and Samaria
    after Oslo. And also after leaving Gaza.

  3. Walter Richards, I hardly think Israel had the balls to abandon any ally. The Christians in Lebanon surely know that it is Israelis who take care of Bethlehem, sacred to the Christians and left to arabs, the place would be demolished. I should imagine you could count on one hand pro Israel arabs in Judea and Samaria and as for "leaving Gaza" – there was no "abandonment" the palestinians were given whole swaythes of farms, schools, orchards etc., etc. and what did the palestinians do with it? turned it into rubble. Israel are still paying for their water and electricity. The palestinians owe millions of $ for the privilege – have you seen any money for this? Neither has Israel. – So Mr Walter Richards, please get your facts right, as should the rest of the Jew/Israeli hating populous around the world…

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