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Last week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accepted in a heartfelt ceremony from Russian President Vladimir Putin a Magach-3 Israeli tank that had been captured by the Syrians in the 1982 Battle of Sultan Yacoub in the First Lebanon War, and had been on display in a museum in the Moscow area. Netanyahu posted in his Facebook page: “My wife Sara and I have participated today in an emotional ceremony of returning the tank that had fallen in Syrian captivity during the Battle of Sultan Yacoub in the First Lebanon War.” But now, according to Yedioth Aharonoth, one week after Israel received the tank in which the still missing in action Israeli fighters had met their demise, it appears, to the chagrin of the mourning families, that it may not be the same tank.

On June 10, 1982, IDF 90th Armored Division was rushed forward with orders to gain as much ground as possible before a cease-fire would come into effect. Late that night the force fought its way through Syrian infantry in the Lebanese village of Sultan Yacoub, in the eastern Beqaa Valley, only four miles from the Syrian border. Apparently, in its rush to gain ground, coupled with intelligence failures, the force was cut off and surrounded by Syrian army units. At dawn, the force broke out and escaped to the south, supported by Israeli artillery. The battle lasted six hours resulting in the force losing eight tanks and 30 men. The force was unable to destroy the disabled Magach-3 tanks they left behind and those were recovered by the Syrians, and were put on display in Russia and in the Tishreen Panorama Military Museum in Damascus. Three IDF soldiers remain missing in action: Zachary Baumel, an Israeli-US citizen, Yehuda Katz and Zvi Feldman. These soldiers were captured and paraded through Damascus on top of their captured tank.

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In his Facebook post, Netanyahu noted that the returned tank is “the only testimony to our missing soldiers from that battle… For 34 years we’ve been searching for our fighters and will not cease the search until we inter them in a Jewish cemetery in the State of Israel. For these 34 years the Baumel, Katz and Feldman families have not had a gravesite to visit. Now they’ll have this tank, a remnant from the Sultan Yacoub battle which they can visit and touch and remember their sons in Israel.”

Not really, says tank expert Lt. Col. (Ret) Michael Mas, who told Yedioth the returned tank is not the one inside which the three missing soldiers were fighting. “It’s very sad that the prime minister and the media follow misinformation,” Mas said. “This is not the tank that belonged to the missing. What was returned is a whole tank, and the tanks where the missing fought look different. While this is for sure one of the eight tanks captured by the Syrians in the battle, this tank bears no mark of any injuries. When Netanyahu said that the families who haven’t had a gravesite to visit will now find peace, he committed two errors: one, it’s not their tank; and two, they’re missing, not dead.”

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Pirchia Heiman, Yehuda Katz’s sister, responded angrily, telling Yedioth: “All the families of the missing are enraged. What do we need all these spins for?” She asked, adding, “Since I’ve heard of the plan to return the tank I waited eagerly, I couldn’t sleep at night. Ten days ago they conducted the ceremony in Russia and there Ndetanyahu said the families would have this tank ‘to be able to touch it and the memory of their sons,” and he already knew it was the wrong tank, but we didn’t. Only the next day did we get the right shield number for the tank, not through the IDF, and I realized this wasn’t Yehuda’s tank.”

At this point it should be noted that PM Netanyahu could have avoided this embarrassment had he read up IDF reports filed 18 years ago, which determined after a thorough examination of the tank on display in Russia that it’s not the tank that belonged to the missing soldiers, and that the soldiers who fought in this tank were able to flee the scene unharmed and are alive and well.

Here’s another embarrassing point Netanyahu could have saved himself had he read the IDF reports: the three missing soldiers fought in two different tanks, one of which was burnt beyond recognition, and neither of which is the returned tank. Like cars, tanks receive identifying numbers, and this tank, 817581, is not the one.

Or, as Lt. Col. (res) Danny Krief put it, “Clearly, the Russians didn’t care which tank they handed over, and that’s what Netanyahu used for his gimmick.”


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  1. Maybe this should have been an opinion piece instead of passing as news. I am not doubting whether or not it was the wrong tank, although I certainly would not use this article as a basis for it either way. I actually thought maybe this was a piece from Haaretz that accidently got in the JP. Whether or not it's the right tank, to suggest it was just a gimmick, to highlight "embarrassment" after "embarrassment" of the PM…who, oh my gosh, happens to be Bibi, whom EVERYONE loves to bash into the ground, smacks of yellow journalsim imo. If a mistake was made it is up to Putin to correct it. Nonetheless, we have ONE of the tanks, which can serve as a symbol.

  2. This is the tank that was on display at the Moscow Museum, and it was captured from Israel by Syria in Lebanon; as announced. So, just because there were other tanks captured or destroyed in the same battle, how is this the "wrong" tank?

  3. I, too, think this more of an opinion piece that is oddly out of place in JP. When I got to the end, I was so confused that I wasn't sure if the writer was suggesting that Netanyahu's alleged "gimmick" was to con the people into accepting "any" tank, or to maneuver Putin into exposing himself as the wiley coyote he is. Dang!

  4. Where in his statement did the PM say it was THE tank the soldiers were in. It says here that he said the families have this tank, a remnant from the Sultan Yacoub BATTLE that the soldiers were in, to visit. To call this the WRONG tank shows bias by JNi Media. Shame.

  5. What an unfortunate article to write! The returned tank was ONE of the tanks left behind. Why take away any comfort the families may have? The purpose was to Honor the missing or dead soldiers and give some comfort & perhaps some closure.
    "IDF reports filed 18 years ago," Give the PM a break!! So it's the wrong seriel #. Again, the point is to honor the soldiers and comfort tha families. in the US, many people view the Tomb of the Unkown Soldier. It gives honor & peace of mind.
    JNi.Media, You can't find something more important to write than a differient seriel # of an Israeli tank returned? World News must be very slow for you.

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