Photo Credit: Israel Police
Car of the suicide bomber on Maaleh Adumim-Jerusalem road - Oct 11, 2015

A female suicide bomber drove up to the Al-Zaim checkpoint near Maaleh Adumim towards Jerusalem on Sunday morning, just after 7 AM, according to Israeli police.

She was stopped 200 meters before the checkpoint by a policeman, as something about her looked suspicious.


As the policeman approached to question her, she yelled “Allahu Achbar” and then blew up a bomb in her car, lightly wounding the policeman (45).

The Arab terrorist is seriously wounded.

Initially policed believe she intended to blow up at the checkpoint itself and kill the soldiers, but according to Israel Radio, she was on her way to downtown Jerusalem.

A second bomb has been found in the car and sappers are diffusing it.


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  2. You are a propaganda machine with no knowledge of any facts. You spit out exactly what the PA says, and they lie. The “indigenous Palestinians” are all from somewhere else…Jordan, Egypt, Saudi, etc. Even their leaders are not native to the area. The Israelis are the same kind of melting pot we are.

  3. There is no "season" for suicide bombers. This isn't baseball or hockey or the symphony. This is a horrible and tragic situation for all of us who live in Israel and we pray and hope this madness ends soon. You might want to re-write your headline.

  4. what a tragedy, and a waste of body parts – the tragedy is the brainwashing of young and impressionable islamic personnel, all with the never ending lust for Jewish blood and why? because the rest of the world has gone mad in "doing the right thing" in allowing the same ilk refuge therefore condoning such bias but all they are doing is choosing to join forces with ignorance and thumb their nose toward Jews but they are subjecting themselves to the same vile and insiduous disease which Israel has contended with for all this time. All their sympathies in allowing such people a new homeland, goes beyond the hair-shirt of self flagellation.

  5. You're incorrigible and your comment is obnoxious :if prayer and "opening palestinians' eyes" is allyou want and hope for, this conflict will last another 100 years if Israel is not wiped out in the meantime. It is YOUR eyes which should be opened not those of "palestinians". Jews and arabs CANNOT LIVE SIDE BY SIDE, the solution is eviction none other.

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