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The funeral for Chaye Zisel Braun began at midnight Wednesday night. Chaye Zisel Braun is the 3 month old baby who was killed by the terrorist Abdul Rahman al-Shaloudi who mowed down a group of commuters with his car.





Chaye Zisel Braun is an American citizen, and the great-granddaughter of the late Rabbi Rafael Halperin, a well know figure in Israel.


First Responders near Chaye Zisel Braun baby carriage that was hit by the car.
Photo: @IsraelHatzolah


Chaye Zisel Braun is being rushed to the ambulance for medical treatment.


The terrorist who killed the baby has died of his wounds.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, who was at the funeral, released the following statement:

“We must restore peace and security in Jerusalem- as I have said for months, the situation in Jerusalem is intolerable and we must act unequivocally against all violence taking place in the city. Today, more than ever, it is clear that we must send police forces into neighborhoods where there are disturbances, placing them strategically and widely in significant numbers.

Following my request, the Prime Minister has given instructions to reinforce the police forces in order for us to implement an operational action plan formulated to deal with riots, including the addition of personnel and special units, using technological means, and increased intelligence.

I will continue to be vigilant and we will not rest until security is restored in Jerusalem.”


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  1. In regards to the family’s comments. The situations were not the same.

    There would have been no lynching if he got out of the car and owned up to it. He chose to run proving his guilt.

    The case of the settler hitting the girl, he fled bc he most likely would have been lynched. The difference of the situations though is that he turned himself in.

  2. The Palestinian Arabs are making war against Israel, because they are killing or trying to kill the Jews. It is written in the Torah, in Devarim (Deuteronomy) 20:10-18, that God commanded that, in the war, Israel kill all the enemies, without distinction between combatants and civilians. So, the State of Israel must kill all the Palestinian Arabs, without distinction between combatants and civilians. Note that the Palestinian Arabs are killing the Jews without distinction between combatants and civilians. If the Jews do not kill all the Palestinian Arabs, the Palestinian Arabs will kill all the Jews. The State of Israel must obey God, and fulfill His commandments that are in Devarim (Deuteronomy) 20:10-18.
    The State of Israel must expel the Arabs from its territory, which includes the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, because it is written in the Torah, in Bamidbar (Numbers) 33:52, that God commanded Israel to expel the other inhabitants of the Land of Canaan, which is the Land of Israel, which includes all the Palestine. The Arabs invaded the Land of Israel in the year 635 CE, so that they are invaders, and must leave Israel, and return to their own land, which is Arabia. This is not racism, because any person, of any race or ethnicity, can convert to Judaism. Moreover, the Palestinian Arabs are killing the Israeli Jews, so that the Israeli Jews need to expel the Palestinian Arabs from the Land of Israel (Palestine), as self defense, in order to save their lives.

  3. In answer to you, Professor (?) Pontes, my husband, now in blessed memory, used to say – "Kill them all. Let G-d sort them out!" This could be used in reference to ALL of the enemies of Israel, the US, the entire Western civilization, these so-called "Palestinian" TERRORiSTS!

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