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Tu B'Shvat Wines and Fruits

For a very different blend of fruit flavors, Galil Mountain Winery’s emblematic Avivim wine will give you plenty to work with. With an impressive richness of flavor, you can almost taste the rolling green hills of the Galil region where the grapes were grown. Close your eyes to give you full concentration as you pick out the flavors of peach, green apple, pear and tropical fruit. Sniff again to catch the shades of vanilla.

The boutique Gvaot winery, located near Shilo, is well worth looking out for. It winery’s Chardonnay Cabernet Sauvignon brings together scents of citrus with green apples. See if you can identify the scents of strawberry and blackberry on the second smelling.


Wherever in the world you find yourself, take Tu B’shvat as an opportunity to get in touch with fruit flavors…in your favorite wines.


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