The four Jews murdered in the Har Nof Massacre today held US and British citizenship, along with Israeli citizenship.

Rabbi Moshe Twersky (59): Israel-US national.


Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Goldberg (68): Israel-British national.

Rabbi Kalman Levine (55): Israel-US national.

Rabbi Aryeh Kopinsky (43): Israel-US national.

Eight more people were wounded in the attack, including 2 policemen.



  1. Tell me again where in Torah it tells us to abide such things and nurture a sworn enemy in our midst; please, I'm just an old man…tell me, because I can't find it…anywhere! It long past time to repeal all the laws restricting weapons possession by Jews and all other non islamics, all ownership, private possession, concealed cary, and ammunition must be deregulated; as for the islamics: "They MUST Go!"

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