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Zidan Sayif - Israeli-Druze policeman.

Zidan Sayif (30) HY”D, the Israeli-Druze policeman who saved numerous lives on Tuesday morning when he engaged the two Arab terrorists in a gun battle in the Har Nof Massace, died on Tuesday evening of his wounds, according to a statement from Hadassah hospital.

Sayif was being treated in Hadassah hospital for the head wound he received in the shootout with the terrorists.


Sayif was the first of two officers on the scene. As a result of Zidan’s heroic actions, the terrorists in the Jerusalem synagogue were forced to stop slaughtering worshipers and instead concentrated on attacking the policeman.

The death toll from the attack in the synagogue has now risen to 5,

Sayif is survived by his wife and a 4 month old baby daughter.

Zidan Sayif joined the Israeli police in April 2011, and served as a traffic officer in Jerusalem.

He was from the village of Yanuch-Jat in the Galil.

The funeral will be held at 2:00 PM on Wednesday in his village.



  1. this is so sad,when will these animals stop they`re hatred and join the human heart aches for his wife and child,he should be buried with the highest honors his profession accords,his brave actions saved who knows how many,so,so sad…….

  2. The Druze people are our neighbors, ( Januh is a village in the area of Kfar Vradim Maalot where we live)our brothers and a noble people. They sacrifice their lives for the security of the civilians of Israel. We highly respect them and condemn any violence and send our condolence to their families.

  3. Let us not talk of revenge. Violence begets violence. There is no rational reason to say that enacting vengeance will have any effect but to prolong the conflict.

    This man is a hero. Those commenting here, who talk of smiting others in retaliation, you dishonor his memory. You take a beautiful memory and drag it back into the cycle of suffering. How did revenge work out last time this happened? Blood was spilled. Peace will start with us. BREAK THE CYCLE.

  4. It's very hard to find the proper words in order to manifest the deep emotions that this kind of events awakens inside of me,but… the only thing I can do is to mourn the death of my neighbors… sisters and brothers… people who I love because all of them are part of me…. May your memory blessed, Zidan.

  5. It would be nice if it worked that way. Still, revenge is not the answer, but the only way to stop a group whose primary means of expressing their displeasure is violence is to make the cost of violence too high to be worth it.

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