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Zidan Sayif - Israeli-Druze policeman.

Zidan Sayif (27) — Israeli Druze Policeman — was the first policeman on the scene at this morning’s terror attack, and he now is fighting for his life.

The critically wounded policeman, was shot in the head during a gun-battle with the terrorists at the shul this morning in Har Nof massacre in Jerusalem.


The terrorists turned their attention away from massacring additional Jewish worshipers to do gun battle with the heroic policeman.

Sayif’s parents and wife are at his bedside at Hadassah hospital praying for his recovery. Sayif has a 7 month old daughter as well.

We hope and pray for him too, that he has a speedy and full recovery and embrace his family during this difficult time.



  1. i hope this brave individual recovers from his injuries,he should be honored for his courage,as he could have easily stood back and waited,but he saw this act for what it was,a cowardly inhumane barbaric evil act.i hope his wife and family find peace in the troubled time too…peace to all….

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