Photo Credit: IDF
Hezbollah's precision-guided missile production facility in Lebanon, supplied by Iran.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a Likud supporter on Tuesday night that precision-guided missiles in Lebanon produced by Hezbollah are “aimed right at Kiryat Ata.”

Netanyahu made the remark during a surprise visit to a family home in the Haifa suburb just before continuing on to a conference with Likud supporters in the area that was organized by Kiryat Ata Mayor Yaacov Peretz.


During his visit, the prime minister told the Moalem family, “The IDF has uncovered another facility of precision-guided missiles in Lebanon.

“These precision-guided missiles,” he said, “are aimed right at Kiryat Ata.

“They must not allow that,” Netanyahu added, “so I instructed the IDF, ‘We won’t allow our enemies to arm themselves with precision-guided missiles.’

“And we’re working all the time.”