Photo Credit: U.S. Dept. of State
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in transit.

Although Hillary Clinton claimed to have given to the State Department all the relevant emails regarding Libya from her private email server during the time she served as U.S. Secretary of State, it turns out she withheld several significant ones.

In response to a subpoena from a Congressional committee investigating the Benghazi Debacle, Sidney Blumenthal, a former speech writer for Bill Clinton and longtime friend and confidante of Hillary Clinton, turned over dozens of emails he had exchanged with Hillary Clinton.


Although Clinton’s spokesperson claimed that his boss had turned over everything from her personal server that was related to benghazi, including all exchanges with Blumenthal who had been providing “advice” to Clinton, the State Department confirmed on Thursday that several provided by Blumenthal had not been turned over by Clinton.

This information was provided in an account published by the New York Times, Thursday, June 25. This is, according to the Times, “the first significant evidence to raise questions about whether Mrs. Clinton deleted emails from the account that she should have given to the State Department because they were government records.”

Of the 60 email exchanges provided to the Benghazi Committee by Blumenthal, the State Department acknowledged that nine were missing altogether from the documents handed over by Clinton, and only parts of six others were turned over by Clinton. Many of the exchanges which had not been turned over by Clinton related to the attack by Islamic terrorists on an American government compound on September 11, 2012. Four Americans were murdered in that attack, including the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens.


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