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King Abdullah II

Israeli intelligence believes Jordan’s government will be replaced within a generation, the Yesha Council’s Danny Dayan has said.

Speaking to the Knesset channel, Dayan revealed that the “most senior” members of Israel’s intelligence agencies believe Jordan’s King Abdullah will not pass the monarchy on to his son.


He quoted his sources as saying, “It’s too bad, it’s not what we would have wanted, but Abdullah is apparently the last Hashemite king.”

Dayan said it is too soon to tell what Jordan’s next government will look like, but suggested that the country could serve as a national homeland for the Arab population of Judea and Samaria.

Even Shimon Peres, who is known for his dovish positions, used to view Jordan as the natural “Palestinian Arab” country, Dayan noted. “That was in the 70s, before he converted to Oslo-ism,” he joked.

He firmly rejected the suggestion that Arabs in Judea and Samaria be given Israeli citizenship, or create an Arab state west of the Jordan River.


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