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ISIS top commander, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

ISIS released an audio message which it claims is from its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The message was posted on jihadist websites. The message urges all Muslims to carry guns and fight on behalf of the “caliphate.”

The ISIS leader also had a veiled message for the last several U.S. presidents.


“O Muslims, Islam was never for a day the religion of peace. Islam is the religion of war,” the voice purporting to be Baghdadi said. He called upon Muslims around the world to either make their way to the Islamic State or “fight in his land, wherever that may be,” according to the news site Vocative.

The voice on the audio allegedly sounds like al-Baghdadi’s, which is significant because he has not been seen or heard from in months. There have been rumors that al-Baghdadi was killed in a drone strike in November.

“There is no excuse for any Muslim not to migrate to the Islamic State,” the message continues, informing all Muslims that joining the fight “is a duty on every Muslim. We are calling on you either to join or carry weapons wherever you are,” the voice, purportedly of al-Baghdadi, insists.

The message was issued by ISIS’s al-Furqan media outlet and posted on several jihadi sites.

Although the message was audio and not visual, the voice that sounds like al-Baghdadi’s mentions the air campaign against the Houthi rebels in Yemen, which is led by the Saudis. Those airstrikes began in late March, which suggests that it is a recently made message.


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  1. Trust in God, if we are of the world you are being convicted by the spirit, let us not live of the flesh, but rather of the spirit that comes from God, repent;confess your sin; be reborn and walk in the light no longer in darkness; and God will save you

  2. Lol. ..the American people are supposed to be intelligent and discerning but why can’t they see Islam is extreme and crazy. Rather they say it’s a religion of peace and no different than Christianity. Lol Americans are deluded fools

  3. Let me just say; How many have tried to kill the word of God, how many Kings, and said they were gods and killed many, and guess what God Jesus Christ put them to shame by death and he’s word is still alive till this very day, because like he said earth and heaven will pass away but my word will never. Amen Glorify God my brothers and sisters, he’s made a place for us with him, and he will stand for us

  4. Islam Has Been Extreme since its Very Beginnings! Nothing Really Peaceful about this Violent Male Dominated Cult! Islam Is a Violent, Evil Male Dominated Cult — the terrorists cowards prey on the weak, innocent, and of course the unarmed or bound. COWARDS!

    Do You Believe in Slavery? Islam Still Practices It!

    Sexual Abuse and Rape? Adult muslim males Buy and Sell Women and Little Girls (And Little Boys – Dancing Boys of Afghanistan) to the Highest Male Bidders to Use and Abuse as That Male Wants. PEDOPHILES, RAPISTS, and of course COWARDS.

    Cowardly Muslims Have Declared They Are at War with America and All Non-muslim Countries and Even Muslim Countries — Time for Our Congress to Side Step Obama, Who Is a Muslim Brotherhood Supporter, and Declare America Is at War with Muslim Terror and it Is Time to Put Political Correctness in the Trash!

    Declare it WAR and it is Time to Inspect All the Mosques in Our Country Without Notice to Make Sure They Are Not Supply Depots for the Muslim Terrorists among Us; it Is Time to Profile and to Deport All on Expired Visas.

    Time to Limit the Number of Muslims Coming Here….. and — it Is Time to Stop Giving Automatic Citizenship to the Anchor Babies These Muslims Are Producing by the Hundreds If Not Thousands.

    Call Your Representatives and Demand That Automatic Citizenship to Non-citizens Anchor Babies Be Stopped Immediately! The American Taxpayers Are Footing the Bills for All These Non-citizens Living Here – Who Take All the Free Benefits and Give Nothing Back in Return Except Their Demands and Dictates!

    We Are the Only Country That Still Has Automatic Citizenship for Anchor Babies and Some of These People Have Vowed to Kill Us! This SHI# Has Got to Stop!




  5. There is a Muslim civil war between the Iran backed Shias and the Saudi backed Sunni for Muslim dominance. ISIS in fighting Iran backed Assad was supported by Sunni Saudi and Quatar but now it’s confusing with rebel groups changing sides and officially acknowledged funding has stopped. ISIS seems to be self supporting playing both sides for economic gain. Ultimately everyone stands to lose. Old fashioned lust for power and money is the bottom line. The masses are swept up in confusion. When you add nuclear weapons to the conflict the anti goes up. ??? Taking out the main leaders just opens it up for more competition from the next in line. What are you willing to die for is the question because it determines how you want to live.

  6. okay jeff i no my countrys screwed up but not all americans have there head in the sand some of us no whats going on and are doing are best to get the word out there and change this just saying were not all stuipid

  7. This is news??? To whom??? I sincerely hope Israel uses its nuclear arms before Iran gets their own, compliments of an utterly naive President who thinks we can trust and monitor extremists. Obama lost me with this one. I’ve spent enough time in the Middle East to see what’s coming if the US tries to make deals with thinly disguised terrorist regimes. First strike is necessary, unfortunately, to the survival of Israel and to continuing life as we would like tohave it in the West.

  8. Lol this is the religion of tolerence mr. Obummer claims. Religion of peace. ing these bastards need their own planet in their own galaxy. They need the death that they want for everyone else. Deport them all to where ever they come from. Let them deal w life there.

  9. So tired of hearing about ISIS and not seeing the WORLD take charge of the situation. If ever there was a problem that needed a Global response this is it. We swore “never again” after WW2 and yet here we are once again ignoring the problem or barely responding.

  10. That’s very wrong. How could they (ISIS) asking muslims to carry weapons to fight wherever they are. Do they (ISIS) have conscious … What about muslims are they going to listen & obey to ISIS requirements? If yes … I am terribly saddened.
    Dear God please have mercy. We really need Thy help, protection & miracles. Mother Mary pray for all Christians. Amen

  11. I am muslim but this maniac man has some money stole it from Iraq or financed by most extremist muslim regime I.R Iran. He is trying to stay in control over lands siezed from Iraq and Syria. ISIS through barabaric savage killing seeking to terrorize people under control into scumbing to their authoritative manners.

  12. Diganme algo que no sepa! Claro que es una religion de muerte y guerra, sino vean como se matan miles de arabes entre si, Arabia masacrando a los de Yemén, Estos locos masacrando a los iraquies, porque no son de la misma rama arabe. etc. etc. etc. ….. Por eso digo . Fuera Islam!

  13. OH! but according to this non-leader (beeHO) we CAN’T be at WAR with a religion, can you non-leader (beeHO) read BLACK AND WHITE! FOR GOD sake read between the freaki’n lines, you kiss dirt kneeler! THERE IS NO READ LINE, the LINE IS AS BLACK AS YOU ARE!

  14. Finally, the truth comes out?The truth already is out! Just, the ones who are awake already know and the ones who don’t already know are sound asleep, drunk with the wine of self-indulgence. They will not believe the truth until they see their own family members beheaded in front of them. 😮

  15. Asman Omar Poor Millionair the voice of reason is not to get angry its out there, that message is not hate if you hear it, you just seems not want that just wanted you to read it, no hate for anyone at all, and don’t change your religion, you are the one who knows where its leading you too… thats your one question you will answer to God not men, so no worry, just wanted you to see it and read it, me i pray for middle east as a whole for peace for them and all muslims in the world and everywhere. peace.

  16. True. .thier history shows who opposed many prophets, killed messengers of Allah. They insulted esaa bin maryiam in Roman empire.They were keenly waiting for last prophet Muhammad peach be upon him,but they refused to accept reality. Jews are not Abrhamic. .

  17. Mohamad Amin, why are u always so fascinated by Jews? yes you should be, coz they are so much better then you..only fools kill their own like isis do… but saying isis is jewish intelligence, shows just how unintelligent you are.. what part of “islamic state” you dont get?

  18. mohamad inspired by the devil, only came to do what the devil does best, bring confusion to lead people astray.. lies, death and destruction, and thats all so many muslims do.. how can you believe thats is from God? how? that is pure Spiritual Blindness!! Pray for eyes to hopen for truth!

  19. Islam means deception, war, hate, death, rape, evil doing. there is NO peace in islam, dont kid yourself, you believe in your own lies. Pray to wake up. The devil only wants to be like God and imitates all God did.. even the quran is nothing more then a sad and silly copy of the Holy Scriptures known as the Bible.. wake up man.

  20. Let the whole world know!!! Islam is also a religion of peace..and you cannot generalize the muslims because the ISIS are a rebel group..see the meaning of the letters Islamic state of Iraq and Syria… not all mid.east. I work a long time with the Islamic world and I can see and say they are peace loving people and also God fearing.
    Some tight and small minded people misunderstood the real meaning of Islam.They are not killers. If we go back in history during the 2nd world war no muslim involved, during the hitler time who killed the jews?
    So let us be broad and open minded let us incourage the young muslims not to join this rebel group by any means for a better world of peace.

  21. Well now that’s not what Obama says. Barak Obama better tell this dude that he (Obama) proclaimed ISIS/ISIL not having Islamic ties and that Islam is a religion of peace. I guess they all sit and meditate to Allah.

  22. Allah may be the Arabic for the word god but the god of Islam and the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob are two distinct gods. Allah has his worshippers die for him giving them the possibility of going to his paradise. While the LORD God, creator and king of the universe took on flesh and He died so that those who believe in Him shall have ever lasting life. No one has to kill themselves.
    Now it is in the Qu’ran that one in submission to Allah can lie to an infidel, which to you I am considered, so therefore what you say may be all twisted and untruth. Now in that Allah gave the sayings of that are in the Qu’ran and Allah then teaches to lie, he then can be considered the father of lies, as Jesus said to the religious of His day concerning Satán,John 8:44 “You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

  23. Shock and surprise.. like we didn’t already know.. Only the left / liberals keeps repeating the narrative lie of Islam being a religion of peace-or in my version (religion of piece of ), and why, because leftists / liberals / Democrats / Obamacrats are America haters, Israel haters, Truth haters, who will ally themselves with anyone, anything that is the enemy of America, Israel, Truth, and all that is good on this earth.

    Jihad: A Study in Perpetual War Against the West
    Billy O’Connell – CFP

    “Jihad is the doctrine in Islam which directs its followers to armed assault against non-believers. The recent Boston pressure cooker bombing was committed by two Muslim believers, proving Obama has done nothing to permanently halt the threat of Muslim terrorism.

    The purpose of jihad is to convert, impoverish or kill all unbelievers. It is an essential element of the teachings of Mohammad, and cannot simply cannot be removed from the Koran.” unquote

  24. You better check for your self and not believe what is being told from the WH are main stream. We are being lied to. If they open their mouth it’s probable a lie. Our country is being given away. and the traitors are letting this happen.

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