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In a joint operation between the Shabak (Shin Bet – Israel’s security service) and the IDF, a member of the Tanzim-PLO terrorist organization was arrested on Thursday, according to the Shabak.

Mustafa Husam Aladin Mustafa Abu Riala, from Shechem, was involved in a number of terror attacks, including a shooting attack on IDF troops in May 2014. He had been previously been in jail in 2008-2009.


For the past few months, Abu Riala has been under protective arrest by the Palestinian Authority, to prevent the IDF from capturing and arresting him. Despite supposedly being under arrest and in a jail, Abu Riala would frequently leave the Palestinian Authority prison where he was supposedly being detained.

Israel repeatedly informed the PA security apparatus to properly detain Abu Riala.

Israeli security forces noticed Abu Riala in his home on Thursday afternoon, and arrested him before he could escape.



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