Photo Credit: Ofer Zidon / Flash 90
"Tzefa" Cobra AH-1 combat helicopter

( An American source revealed on Thursday that Israel had transferred to Jordan 16 Cobra attack helicopters the IDF had retired from service, to help the Hashamite Kingdom, which is considered ISIS’ next target, repel the extremists’ attacks, Reuters reported.

The transfer was made last year and was approved by Washington, which paid for the repair and upgrading of the Vietnam era helicopters. They were integrated into the existing fleet of Cobras of the Royal Jordanian Air Force.


Israel retired its fleet of about 33 AH-1 Cobras in late 2013 due to budget cuts, and their role was taken up by two squadrons of Israeli AH-64 Apache helicopters. The Cobra fleet was older than the Apaches and was involved in a few fatal crashes. They were also more vulnerable to shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles.

“These choppers are for border security,” the American official indicated.

The Middle East map continues to evolve, as yesterday’s enemies are becoming natural allies in the face of an acute challenge to regional stability. Make that two acute challenges: The Islamic Caliphate—ISIS, and the Islamic Republic—Iran.

US Defense Secretary Ash Carter this week visited Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, offering reassurances about the fight against ISIS and the Iran nuclear deal, both issues about which the four host countries are extremely concerned.

Together with Egypt, this coalition of the forced-to-work-together may represent the West’s only hope against the violent spread of Islamic extremism. It could mean that, for now, the heated debate on Palestinian statehood would take a back burner, while the world’s attention is focusing on two groups of madmen fighting to capture the world’s largest deposits of oil.


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  1. what you call "another gift" is what rational people call regionald cooperation for the sake of the shared goals of peace and security

    but then, there are still those who'd rather be 100 percent surrounded by enemies

  2. Geographicly, Jordan is much like Israel. Israel has water, and farming. So, to a point, does Jordan. Cooperation between the two countries in matters other than war, could spark a paradigm shift in the way of thinking. Imagine if some of Israels neighbors became food sufficient. Imagine them as legitimate countries. I pray this is a start of even more conversation between the two reluctant parties. And I hope it spreads to Lebanon as well.

  3. The only way to peace is segregation. Help the arabs kept hostages in refugee camps for dacade move to existing arab states on east bank and start a living instead of being abused as human bombs by Qatar and Turkey. This will end the falsified “aparthide” +”genocide”+”ethnic cleansing”.

  4. Well, next turn will be Jordan turn, the Torah it's quiet clear. Jordan has done much damage to Israel, without a reason, and God has decided long time ago, to punish all Israel neighbor s…NEXT is Jordan and Lebanon, and they WILL fall under the ISIS rule….it's their punishment for all they did, against the Jew, and for having betrayed and sold Israel for no reason…read well the Torah and the prophets, and see that NEXT, is Jordan turn…bye bye Jordan,….ruthless nation

  5. While under the " peace treaty" with Israel, the fake peace, Jordan Abdullah, stabs Israel in her back, everytime he goes to Obama, or in UN, or in ICC….they always help the Fakestinians antifaida and lashonara propaganda against the Jews in all international bodies…soon, the punishment of Jordan….no Cobra machine will help Jordan…God s is Judging Jordan for his wicked actions and international lashonara…

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