Photo Credit: Gili Yaari / Flash 90
Israeli security forces at the scene where two terrorists opened fire at civilians in the Sarona Market in Tel Aviv

The Ministry of Defense is recommending an increase in entry permits for Palestinian Authority and Gaza Arabs for the Ramadan holiday which begins in two weeks, according to a report on 20IL.

65,000 Palestinian Authority and Gazan Arabs enter pre-67 Israel every day, and the intention is to increase that number to 70,000 within the next 2 weeks. Many will be traveling to Jerusalem to the Temple Mount.


The Ministry of Defense wants to use the carrot and stick method.

They hope the increase in work/entry permits will decrease internal pressure in the PA, but say that if the Arabs choose the not quiet path [riots and terror] and shoot themselves in the foot, them the permits will be revoked.

Of course the problem isn’t the PA Arabs shooting themselves in the feet, but rather their shooting Jews in the head.

There is always a significant upswing in Islamic terror attacks in Israel during the Ramadan holiday.

Last year, the Sarona Market attack in Tel Aviv happened at the beginning of Ramadan. That Islamic attack left four people dead.

The Civil Administration will also be introducing a new fingerprint ID system at the checkpoints to speed up passage through the checkpoints.

The system was tested at the Kalandia checkpoint, and PA Arabs reported satisfaction at how the system worked.

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