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Kaplan Street shooting

Four people are dead and 4 more are in critical condition and are being treated at Ichilov Hospital on Wednesday night, in a “Ramadan” terror attack in the Sarona Food MArket, on Kaplan Street in the heart of Tel Aviv. There are additional wounded. The attack happened just before 9:30 PM

According to eyewitnesses, the two Arab terrorists were sitting inside a restaurant dressed in their Ramadan finest clothing. They ordered food and then they stood up. They began shooting their Carl Gustav submachine guns at the other restaurant guests. One of them, after he emptied his gun, threw it down and the two started running.


Both terrorists have been neutralized. One was captured alive but seriously wounded and is undergoing surgery at Ichilov Hospital. The second one is now undergoing interrogation.

Police sappers are dealing with suspected bombs in the area.

Police issued a statement that the situation is under control, as both terrorists have been neutralized.

Arab sources initially claimed the terrorists are from the village of Dura in the Har Hebron region.

The two terrorists are cousins and are from the village of Yatta in the Hebron area, which is near Dura.

Hamas terror chief Ismail Haniyeh praised the attack on his Twitter feed.







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  1. "Police issued a statement that the situation is under control, as both terrorists have been neutralized. A third suspect was seen fleeing the scene." How is this situion under control if the third suspect was seen fleeing the scene????

  2. I just heard about this in the US my thoughts go out to those harmed there. I wish we had the same response here as you have in Israel. Your Country is strong and does not bow down to politics as we in the US do.

  3. Why this poitically correct lingo ?! The murderers were
    shot dead, killed – not "neutralized" – STILL the cowardly, miserable inability to call things for what they ARE,
    (beginning at the very Top of the "leadership"…)

  4. This kind of thing seems to be happening more frequently lately, The question is why? Well, we all know why it is happening – but why so frequently lately?? One of my sons has been living in Israel for the past 12 years and I'm very concerned. What has the Israeli government done about it? Not much by the look of it. Why the hell not???? Are they going to allow this to carry on? We won the 6 day war – can't this be beaten????

  5. Very tragic but leftist Tel Avivians have fooled themselves into believing that the terrorists merely want to "liberate" their lands in Judea and Samaria for a two state solution and that the terrorists only want to hit that area. When their lives are endangered they too will cry out for protection (i.e. protecting the Jews not the Arab terrorists they apologize for and excuse). Let's pray for the wounded. As long as Arabs live in Israel we can't expect peace.

  6. I believe Israel is hurting itself by giving the Arabs a place to live in Israel. Get them all out. Send them to Egypt. Don't do business with Russia, or China. Don't listen to Kerry or Obama about peace! As long as your enemies are within the Gate, these attacks will happen continously. I pray for the injured and their families. G.d. Bless Israel!

  7. We don't bow down to 'politics' here. The politicians bow down to $$$$$$$$$ and whomever controls the press. Is why we now have 'black journalism,' as opposed to the 'yellow journalism' they had in the past.

  8. Jim Perry here ours bow down to money and power for themselves. I am so sorry for the loss of lives. We are now in a situation that the up coming election, we can't even choose between the lesser of two evils. May the families that lost loved ones find comfort from others.

  9. This makes me sad…angry…confused…Firstly, I don't understand why resources are being used and surgery is being performed on one of the murderers…I bet if he could wake up in the middle of his operation and see a Jew working on him, the murderer would want to strangle him! This is ridiculous. There are Israeli's that can't feed their families and money is being spent on this scum? Doesn't make sense.
    Now…on a spiritual level…we can never fully (or even partially) understand what is going on… We need to take our feelings of anger and upsetness and transform them into goodness…this doesn't mean pretending that this violence isn't occuring…it does mean that we use our energy to shift this evil and tip the scales towards goodness…all seemingly little acts make a difference (smiling at strangers, letting someone in in traffic) this may seem trivial…but this is what can shift the balance. Let's use this to fuel our resolve to bring ever lasting peace to the world. May the injured heal quickly, may the victims blood be avenged, may the families of the deceased be comforted, may we All do the RIGHT thing

  10. Because the Jewish people have a higher level of goodness in them. Unlike Islamists, Jews will take
    extra-ordinary efforts to save a life. Even an Arab terrorist. Besides, a live terrorist can name names and lead to arrests of other Arab terrorists. Had he died, it would not have been a great loss to humanity. His living may spell the end of rmany of his fellow Islamists.

  11. He could be living in Chicago and face more danger. Shootings in one neighborhood in Chicago result is more injuires every weekend, than Israel has in a year. Israelis need to be packing more guns. Good people can lessen the number of innocent victims harmed.

  12. Refuha shalma! BDE

    A simple solution:
    Arrest another solider, surely,that will appease
    the murders.
    Heck, throw another Meir in prison. Brilliant
    strategy…. Hoping the animals will die of

    Does anyone things this"Poor pity me
    Mantra " will elicit even one tear from a
    deaf world?
    BiBi how many more dead Jews??

    Shame on us!

  13. this has always been about arab moslem hate for the Jew as dictated in their Koran and Hadiths, anyone who has studied them as I have knows this. It is not and never was about land or statehood. It was political rhetoric to cover up the hate by genocidal cousin marrying fools to kill all non moslems and enslave the Jews again

  14. Another horryfying event by savages who want their own state?
    Send them to Syria . Get them as far from our beloved Israel. Hamas you are wild beasts, not even comparable actually, as you know what you do.
    You deserve nothing.

  15. Here's an idea no one has mentioned. Since Muslims fear being killed by a woman, institure the death penaltyfor terrorists and let the executioner be a woman. Surely there are plenty of Israeli women – Jewish or non-Jewish – who would not mind dosing these killers with a lethal injection. This would deter martyrs at the very least.

  16. The consequences for such acts fail to deter the terrorists. Israel must take appropriate responses to terrorize the terrorists enough that they will back down. The responses need to cost the Arabs: Seize land, destroy homes of terror supporters, and kill not only the perpetrators but their sponsors as well.

  17. The palestinian arabs never stop, do they. They thrive on hate, nuture hate, live hate with every cell of their being. No body wants them, least of all the arab states surrounding Israel. I wish I had an answer. I just know that Israel must not become like the palestinian arabs. Some how, some way, Israel, a civilized nation, must find a way to neutralize them without becoming them. I do believe that Israel must start promoting itself to the world despite the anti-Semitism that is out there, that it may never overcome completely. God knows the arabs have been promoting themselves. Please remember that not everybody is an anti-Semite. Hire a good publicist, Israel, and let the world see your worth, your ideals, your high integrity.

  18. U right, they say they on fasting of Ramadan which means their Ramadan means " death" what of type pray fasting involve killing people is very clear that this muslim people worship satan, their believes is death if they don't repent and turn to only " LORD who IS JESUS and receive JESUS to be their LORD AND SAVOIUR her I m sorry for soul to hell of satan and their fake prophet muhammet

  19. U right my sister, world says nothing when Jews are killed, they will only say words when Jews will start to defend themselve from this blood suckers muslim people who serve satan and claim to be holy , what type of religion involve death inside" satan belivers muslim" they hate Jews because GOD chosen jews

  20. How savagw. It does not matter how the Arabs feel about the land. They should obviously not be letting go of their impulses and killing. We Jews do not go into a restaurant or any other crwoded area and start a killing spree, no matter how angry we are. What's Not obvious, is how come the world sees and does nothing? If now the families of the terrorists were to be punished, I bet that such murder would stop real soon.

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