Photo Credit: Lockheed Martin
F-35 Full Mission Simulator

The Israel Air Force welcomed two more new F-35 ‘Adir’ F-35 Stealth fighter jets to Nevatim Air Base in the northern Negev on Wednesday, and in recent days also took delivery of new full mission simulator for the aircraft as well.


The two fighter jets bring the current squadron to a total of nine. Israel will ultimately receive 50 of the cutting-edge aircraft.

Lockheed Martin recently delivered F-35 Full Mission Simulators (FMS) to its clients in America’s allies (Israel, Italy, Japan and Norway), the first-ever deliveries to international F-35 operators. The simulators are critical components of the pilot training capability at F-35 operating bases, where they will facilitate pilot qualification training, continuation training and mission rehearsal training.

“Lockheed Martin fully supports these customers and their F-35 training goals – we’re here to enable their success,” said Colleen Arthur, Lockheed Martin vice president of F-35 Training.

Lockheed Martin said its personnel assist with operations and maintenance of the simulators in-country for allies, providing training and supporting scenario creation to achieve tactical training objectives and ensuring the simulators are ‘mission ready.’