Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson's Unit
ISIS materials discovered in search of home in Kfar Kara (Israel).

Hanza Majaamsa, from the village of Yafia in the Galil (also known as Yafa an-Naseriyye or Joffa of the Galilee) returned to Israel after running away from ISIS.

Majaamsa disappeared 3 weeks ago to go fight for ISIS in Syria.


Apparently, the taste of violence was too much for him, and he decided to escape from ISIS. He escaped back through Turkey, where he was promptly arrested by Turkish authorities.

He returned to Israel on Friday, escorted by his father.

Magaamsa is now under interrogation by Israeli security services.

Three weeks ago, Magaamsa left to Turkey with three friends, telling their families they were going to vacation in Turkey. Three of them made contact with ISIS and joined up. The fourth returned to Israel to tell their families were they went.

Joining ISIS seems to be a romantic vision for some Israeli-Arabs.

There are around 17,000 residents in village of Yafia. Two-thirds are Muslim, one-third are Christian. Yafiaa is first mentioned in the Bible in the Book of Joshua, and was once a Jewish city.


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  1. ON the other hand….perhaps, maybe, what if…what he saw changed his world view of Israel and arab violence??? Perhaps he now sees how good he has it IN Israel. Perhaps he is now a "reformed" person and would share that with his peers…..
    His words and experience might do more than anything else he has previously witnessed . Maybe….

  2. Laurie, I thought that may be possible myself, but the collection of ISIS memorabilia found in his house tells another story. People do not generally keep such mementos if they are ashamed of what it stands for. It is more likely that he did not like the experience, but still supports the ideology. Worst still, as governments all over the world are in fear of, his training in Syria, and his experience of crimes against humanity that are perpetrated daily with seeming impunity, makes him a potentially dangerous person. Too dangerous to simply ignore and hope for the best.

  3. It tells a personal story about how youth are vulnerable to extremist ideologies and recruitment through the romanticizing about the religious struggle. When that guy attacked the Canadian parliament, the news agencies all carried that story as well, and they also shined a light on how terror networks are trying to recruit the young. Same with the knifing attack in NYC the next day. It may seem like a little thing to cover, but little things make ripples that can combine to make waves.

  4. Well wisdom finally got to him. It is in our nature to forgive, he won't go back to ISIS. The violence is to terrible, one would need to be a psychopath to join these maniacs and I suspect this boy is not a psychopath just a young fool taken in by lying words of the so called prophet. A number of muslims are ashamed of both their so called religion and the bahavior of terrorists. An Arab American posted his shame on You Tube, the guy was almost in tears from shame.

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