A resident of Alon Moreh came under rock attack around noon on Sunday as he was driving between Itamar and Alon Moreh, according to a report on Rotter.net.

The Israeli man fired his licensed personal handgun at the attackers, but didn’t hit them.


The police arrested the man and brought him in for questioning.


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  1. Rocks can kill directly or indirectly by smashing windshields, hitting/ stunning/startling driver and/or occupants. Self defense should not be punished by arresting the victim. If you don’t think rocks are dangerous, hold a seance and ask Goliath.

  2. He forgot that according to the police, he must be bleeding, with a cracked skull and broken bones, before he is allowed to defend him self from the innocent merry makers called Arabs. After all, Israel is for protecting Arabs, not Jews. Jews are cheap victims in order to prove that Israel believes in human rights. Human rights for the Arabs to kill Jews is more like it.

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