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Mammoth Solar in Knox, Indiana, US

Doral Energy, an Israeli Company, has launched the Mammoth Solar Project in Knox, Indiana, which will become the largest solar field in the US.

At a total cost of about $1.5 billion, the project is about 50,000 dunams in size and will stretch into both Starke and Pulaski Counties. The solar field will ultimately produce 1.3 gigawatts of clean energy for about 200,000 homes. The Mammoth Solar project is expected to be complete by the summer of 2023.


Israel’s Ambassador to the US and the United Nations Gilad Erdan participated in the groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday together with Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb.

Erdan stated that “the Mammoth Solar project is a milestone in the Israel-US relationship – the biggest solar energy in the United States.”

“This project, led by Doral Energy, a pioneer in solar energy, is a shining example of the tremendous mutual benefits of our cooperation, not only for the people of Israel and the United States but for the entire world. Mammoth Solar will create hundreds of jobs, and produce enough clean energy to power over one hundred and seventy thousand households annually,” he said.

“Israel, the Start-up Nation, is on the cutting edge of clean technology. As someone who has worked for many years, as Minister of Environment and a member of parliament, to address the challenges of climate change, I deeply believe that a US-Israel strategic climate alliance, can play an extremely critical role in advancing the innovation needed to ensure both strong economic growth and clean air, land and seas, for us and for our children,” he declared.

Erdan added that “this is just the beginning. If our relationship is the Indy 500, then we are only on the first lap. As Mammoth Solar shows, our cooperation today, can help ensure that we play a leading role in the innovative industries of tomorrow, from renewable energy to smart agriculture, and from cyber-security to life sciences. As Israel’s Ambassador, I am committed to furthering our relationship in every way.”

A third of Israel’s electricity use will stem from solar power by 2030.

Israel’s cleantech projects are globally renowned, with innovative ideas such as powering entire buildings through the use of solar panels, converting wind into electricity, new technologies for clean water and many other developments that are providing the world with cleaner and more energy-efficient technologies.


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Aryeh Savir is director of the International division of Tazpit News Agency.