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Khamenei and the cover of his new book on how to destroy Israel.

The difference between Hitler and Khamenei is 80 years.

The Ayatollah of Iran has published a 416-page book entitled “Palestine” and whose book cover features the world “Palestine” on a map of the country he wishes used to be Israel.


Nothing is coincidental in the Iranian regime. The publication of the new book, bound to a best-seller in Iran, is part of a propaganda campaign to brainwash Iranians into thinking that the agreement with the P5+1 powers does not have anything to do with the regime’s ultimate dream of wiping out Israel.

Khamenei explains that is absolutely logical that Israel should not exist for three major reasons:

Israel is an ally of the “Great Satan” known as the United States of America;

Israel is a “hostile infidel” because it supposedly has waged war against Muslims’ and

Israel “occupies” Islam’s third holiest city, Jerusalem.

The New York Post reported that the back cover of the book credits Khamenei as “the flag bearer of Jihad to liberate Jerusalem.”

Israel is not the only country that should be erased, according to the book, which repeats the radical Islamic vision of a Caliphate Empire on all Muslim lands.

That means India also must be wiped off the map. Parts of Russia must be under Muslim rule. Several European countries should not exist as such, and China can kiss good-bye to nearly one-third of its land mass. Ditto for parts of the Philippines and Thailand.

Khamenei’s strategy for taking over Israel and all of the other “Muslim” counties is to create conditions that will convince everyone to leave for a abate life elsewhere.

That means Congress can relax and give its stamp of approval to ObamaDeal because Khamenei does not need a nuclear weapon to wipe out Israel.

Just lift sanctions and give him tens of billions of dollars to fund Hezbollah and Hamas, and perhaps the Boycott Movement.

The strategy actually is a statement of current events. The United Nations, and especially the European Union and the Obama administration, invent every opportunity to condemn Israel for promoting the presence of Jews in a Palestinian Authority country whose principle of “no-Jews allowed” violates the charter of the United Nations.

According to the New York Post’s report and translation from the Farsi-language book, Khamenei wrote:

We have intervened in anti-Israel matters, and it brought victory in the 33-day war by Hezbollah against Israel in 2006 and in the 22-day war between Hamas and Israel in the Gaza Strip.

And once Iran has a nuclear weapon, if not next year then in 10 or 15 years, any Israeli pre-emptive action could be met by a nuclear attack. One way or the other, Khamenei wants the means to destroy Israel and much of the rest of the world.

His book once again exposes that Iran is no less a threat to Europe than to Israel, but Europe is so overrun by Muslims that its leaders don’t have the strength to see the future.

Instead, they focus on Israel, promoting the “two-state” solution while Khamenei writes in his book that there must be a “one-state solution of a single state of a Muslim Palestine.

Like Iran, it would allow Jews to remain, without a right to vote and only if they prove they have “genuine roots.” that means the a large majority of the Israelis, like myself, would have to get on the next plane and “go back” to the United States, Europe, Morocco, Yemen and the former Soviet bloc, among dozens of other countries.


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. Israel must somehow get the international press, especially CNN or FOX, to present this threat by a fanatical Iran to all of western civilization, rather than wishful thinking they can be made to see reason or contolled.

  2. I recall the Pasover story of the ten plagues, where Pharoh issue th statement of the killing of first borns, BUT this was after G-D had told Moses that the nature of the next plague would be one issued from Pharoh's own mouth. So be it for this latest maniacal Jew killer in Teheran.

  3. I'm not sure if there is some better way to protect the Jewish state from obliteration by an atomic armed Iran than to depend on God – she didn't see fit to step in to prevent the murder of a million Jewish children by the Nazis, or five million other Jews – perhaps Israel would be better off relying on its own resources …

  4. Are you one of those who professes that the State of Israel should not exist until the Messiah comes? I'm sure there are many Muslims who would agree with you, knowing that there won't be one in our or any reasonably future lifetimes, if ever.

  5. This is a "used to be" category. The Mongols under Ghengis Khan, Tamerlane and others wiped out your eastern Caliphates, and efforts to conquer Europe were defeated by the Franks at the Pyrenees and by the Holy Roman Empire and the Poles at Vienna. Seems Allah isn't too happy with monsters who murder, rape and pillage. Get with the 21st century, reform your plagerized religion, and act like rational human beings.

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