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Police building blown up by PKK truck bomb

Turkish authorities blame the Kurdish PKK of shooting rockets at a civilian airport in Diyarbakir in southwestern Turkey Saturday night, sending passengers and staff scrambling for shelter, Dogan news agency reported. There were no casualties. According to Dogan, four rockets were shot at a police checkpoint outside the airport’s VIP lounge just before midnight. According to Turkish TV, the rockets did not hit their target but landed instead in an open field nearby. Diyarbakir governor Huseyin Aksoy told the TV news channel there was no disruption in the flights schedule.

The PKK has been fighting the Turkish government since 1984, and is considered a terrorist organization by the US and the EU.


On Friday morning, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim reported that 11 police officers were killed and 78 wounded, including three civilians, in a truck-bomb attack in the Cizre district of the southeastern province of Şırnak.

According to Dogan, the attack took place at a police check point outside a riot police station in the Konak neighborhood on the Cizre-Şırnak highway. After some shooting, the bomb on the truck was detonated, destroying the riot police building.

Speaking at a press conference with his Bulgarian counterpart Boyko Borissov in Istanbul, Yildirim vowed to overcome all attacks against his country, saying, “No terrorist group could hold Turkey captive,” and “the brotherhood will not be damaged.”

“Let our nation know that we have opened a total war against these terrorist groups,” Yildirim announced, then quoted Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founding father of modern Turkey, who paraphrased on Patrick Henry when he declared, “Give me independence or give me death.” Yildirim added that “these vile people” would get their just deserts.




    Turkey has insisted for a long time about establishing an international ground force against ISIS but nobody cared. Why? Because nobody wanted to lose their primary puppet which is ISIS. All those superpowers preferred to play a dirty game. They wasted valuable time to bring a real long-lasting peace to Syria and also to Middle East. Syrian refugees and Turkish citizens paid the highest price due to the instability, destabilization and chaos in Syria.

    Both ISIS and its accomplice PKK/YPG have been terrorizing Turkey relentlessly. We lost too many lives whether it be soldiers, police officers, civilians or foreigners. Those terrorist groups have become a big threat to the unity of Turkey and stability of the whole region. Enough is enough. There was no option for Turkey other than to take a decisive action against both ISIS and YPG in Syria.

    Terrorism is a global phenomenon and their methods are same. Suicide bombings, IEDs, complex attacks and assassinations, and this is what both ISIS and YPG have been doing in Turkey. Now time has come to get rid of terror threat directed both by ISIS and PKK/YPG against Turkey.

    Turkey is using her self-defense right. No more game, the marriage between ISIS and YPG is over. YPG has been intentionally polished and advertised by its sponsors for another dirty agenda. Nobody really cared about destroying ISIS or bringing peace to war-torn Syria. Those YPG sponsors never cared really about the humanitarian tragedy in Syria and never wanted to bring Syrian civil war to a peaceful solution. YPG is dissmissed and their fooling of whole world until now is finished. ISIS and YPG coexistence and symbiotic closeness between both these two terrorist groups are terminated forever.

    Turkey is in charge now against both ISIS and YPG terrorist groups not only for her own citizens but also for all those refugees and Syrian people. Multinational coalition forces are providing air support to Turkey’s anti-ISIS operation named Euphrates Shield. Turkish Joint Special Task Force is providing support to Syrian Democratic Forces to fight against ISIS. Turkey has always defended the unity of Syria, but it was a very complex political game what took place in Syria.

    Turkey was always a scapegoat and target of internationally organized anti-Turkey hate rhetorics and dirty propaganda. Those who had hidden or conflicting agenda in Syria never wanted to destroy ISIS, otherwise ISIS could not even stand a week against any multi-national coalition ground forces. Until now Turkey welcomed 3 million refugees in a short notice and never been frankly supported by UN, EU and USA. Nobody really cared about Syrians but Turkey. Would Europe allow so many refugees to EU countries like Turkey?

    So stop lying and fabricating fish-tales about Turkey and try to show sincere solidarity in her struggle and fight against international terrorist groups. Turkey will not step aside and watch ISIS and YPG terrorists harm Turkey and the unity of her citizens. Those who perpetrated and are still perpetrating terror attacks against Turkey shall now face the consequences.

    Last but not last, terror whether it is conducted by ISIS, PKK ot YPG will never be able to subjugate Turkish people.

    Please share so that everybody knows the truth.

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