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The proper nutrients -- including minerals -- are important for children's healthy growth.

Deputy Health Minister Yaacov Litzman says he is planning to return fluoride to Israel’s drinking water.

It is believed that adding fluoride to water helps strengthen the teeth of children as they develop and grow.


The decision is another reversal of the policies made by the previous health minister, MK Yael German. Despite the advice of public health and dental experts – and against the requests of numerous mayors and heads of local authorities – MK German removed the supplement from potable water soon after she entered office two years ago.

The issue has long been a controversy in the United States as well, where fluoride was added to the nation’s potable water many years ago as well. Parents and others who oppose the addition of any form of supplement to food or water in the U.S. also rallied against fluoride as well.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that protects teeth from decay. In the U.S., the Environmental Protection Agency regulates the levels of fluoride in drinking water. The agency notes the mineral “may cause health problems if present in public or private water supplies in amounts greater than the drinking water standards” set by the agency.

The maximum contaminant level goals (MCLG) set for fluoride in the U.S. is 4.0 mg/L, or 4.0 ppm. The secondary standard (SMCL) for fluoride is at 2.0 mg?l or 2.0 ppm – the non-enforceable guideline regulating contaminants that may cause cosmetic effects, such as skin or tooth discoloration, or aesthetic effects such as taste, odor or color in the drinking water. Such a level might be found in areas where high levels of of naturally occurring fluoride are found.


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  1. It is illegal for a doctor or a dentist to force anyone to take a drug or a chemical.
    It should be illegal for the government as well. Fluoride should not be added to drinking water, which forces everyone to consume it against their will. It affects the brain (lowered IQ), the bones (brittle bones, fractured hips & bone cancer), the thyroid gland, arthritis, etc. . It is linked with Alzheimers, Downs Syndrome, ADHD, and ongoing research into its links to soft tissue cancers… WHAT is there to like about this muck?

  2. The National Institute of Dental Research conducted a 3.6 million dollar research project to evaluate fluoridated versus unfluoridated areas. At best, one half of one tooth surface out of over 100 tooth surfaces fared better with fluoridated. But this difference was so tiny that it was labelled "statistically insignificant". The most fluoridated state (Kentucky) has the most tooth loss, and the least fluoridated state (Hawaii) has the least tooth loss, according to the CDC. Apparently the more fluoride intake, the greater the tooth loss. The less fluoride, the less tooth loss. Many non-fluoridated European nations have a much better record of oral health than the U.S., according to WHO. official data. Fascinating, why was it that in New Zealand, the Napier-Hastings study discovered that dental health was actually better in NON-FLUORIDATED Napier.? Also interesting that Napier was then dropped from the study, and only Hastings was focused on. The teeth inspection criteria was then changed to make it appear as though there was an improvement in Hastings. Pure fraud. Anybody who still "believes" in the water fluoridation lie is suffering from extreme ignorance. Fluoridation is HHS policy, and the small CDC oral health division of mostly dentists draw their pay checks based primarily on implementing that policy.
    Here's a quote from a dentist Malcolm Naylor, DDS, Lecturer in preventive dentistry,
    London: "When a statistical analysis of 1,000 children was conducted in London, and results were not as fluoridation proponents wanted, the study was quickly abandoned." Tthe analysis of National Research Council scientist Dr.Kathleen Thiessen, whose affidavit is part of a 2015 legal suit in Canada protesting “gross disproportionality,” i.e., that the marginal benefit to some does not justify the risk of harm to others. Dr. Thiessen has said, “The available data, responsibly interpreted,indicate little or no beneficial effect of water fluoridation on oral health.”

  3. Even the CDC backed down about 2000 and admitted that any perceived benefit from fluoride was predominantly TOPICAL, as in toothpaste – not from swallowing it.

    There are several negatives associated with drinking it that are also pretty universally agreed to:
    – Fluoride is an enzyme poison and endocrine disruptor.
    – Fluoride is a “potent adjuvant”… causes or worsens allergies
    – Fluoride is a “proliferative agent”… causes or worsens inflammations
    – Fluoride builds up in bones…. causing or worsening arthritis and brittleness
    – Fluoride impacts thyroid functioning
    – Fluoride is a “burden” to kidneys… causing increased retention and possible damage in those with renal inefficiencies or chronic kidney disease.

    Brush your teeth with it if you want, but those of us with allergies or Celiac disease; arthritis or brittle bones; and/or kidney or thyroid disease would rather not subject our entire bodies to it.

    Segments of the population are unusually susceptible to the toxic effects of fluoride. They include “postmenopausal women and elderly men, pregnant woman and their foetuses, people with deficiencies of calcium, magnesium and/or vitamin C, and people with cardiovascular and kidney problems….Post menopausal women and elderly men in fluoridated communities may also be at risk of fractures.” – USPHS Report (ATSDR TP-91/17, pg. 112, Sec.2.7, April 1993)

    and The NKF advises it may be “prudent” to monitor the fluoride intake of “patients with chronic renal impairment, children, those with excessive fluoride intake, and those with prolonged disease.” – National Kidney Foundation, Fluoride Intake in Chronic Kidney Disease, April 15, 2008

  4. "It is now known that such vital organs as the kidneys, thyroid, aorta (main heart artery), liver, lungs and others can be the sites of an unusually high fluoride build-up. No matter how small the amount of fluoride in the diet, a part of it tends to accumulate in the body. When the water supply is fluoridated the intake of the individual is considerably increased and the accumulation in the body increases accordingly. There is no clear-cut pattern as to the degree of retention among individuals. Further, it accumulates in certain organs in an unpredictable way. Some individuals may store up to 100 times more fluoride in certain tissue than others. This has given rise to concern over fluoride's possible role in chronic disease. Fluoride is an enzyme poison and medical authorities recognize that disturbances of the enzyme system are a cause of disease." (Dr. Jonathan Forman, M.D., world-renowned specialist in allergy, Professor-Emeritus of Ohio State University, former editor of the Ohio State Medical Journal, editor of Clinical Physiology, in statement in behalf of Medical-Dental Committee on Evaluation of Fluoridation.)
    "Fluorine and fluorides can act as direct cellular poisons by interfering with calcium metabolism and enzyme mechanisms." (Handbook of Poisoning: Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment, 11th Edition, 1983.)
    "Fluoride is an enzyme poison, in the same class as cyanide, oxalate, or azide … it is capable of a very wide variety of harmful effects, even at low doses." (James B. Patrick, Ph.D., antibiotics research scientist.)
    "Yes, fluoride is an (enzyme) inhibitor. You are right in the implication that when it comes to certain patients, it is important that they do not have fluoride in the water." (Dr. Harold Loe, National Institute of Dental Research, to a subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee, 1989.)

  5. A 12-member scientific committee working for the National Research Council of the (USA) National Academies of Sciences reviewed the toxicity of fluoride for 3 years. (NRC/NAS, 2006). Among the many adverse findings for fluoride is one that reveals that iodine-deficient infants can have adverse effects to their thyroid glands from chronically consuming no more than one-tenth to three-tenths of 'optimally fluoridated' water. It is shocking that the dental profession and so-called experts on health ignore this important finding.

  6. The largest Oral Health survey undertaken in the USA found an average difference of only 0.6 (nought point six) of ONE TOOTH SURFACE. I did mean 'tooth surface'. This study was of 38,207 children aged 5-17 years in 84 communities (fluoridated and non-fluoridated). The 38,207 children were representative of more than 43 million children.

    Similar 'NON-SIGNIFICANT' results are found during other oral health surveys. But the researchers hoodwink those who only look at the studies' abstracts by quoting differences (alleged benefits) in percentages instead of as tooth surfaces. That's to bewitch the public and decision makers.

    One has to scrutinize the published study – not merely the abstract – to unearth the pitiful evidence on which the claimed benefits for fluoridation are based.

  7. So for 0.6 of one tooth SURFACE – or less than 1/4 of one tooth – fluoride promoters and fluoride pushers (including decision makers who force fluoridation) make themselves hated people.


    1) many don't have a clue about the toxicity of fluoride in the low doses ingested via artificially fluoridated water supplies;
    2) many don't care whether they are causing harm to the more vulnerable sub-sets of populations;
    3) may get pleasure from exerting power over others;
    4) some advance their careers by pushing fluoridation;
    5) some benefit from Colgates' donations to dental research (keeps researchers in paid work);
    6) there are some who love the limelight shone on them when they earn praise/awards for pushing the harmful practice of water fluoridation.
    7) other …

  8. this is a bad idea. Article below tells the truth. Historically, dentists have asserted that water fluoridation is safe. But they're starting to catch on to the truth. In an interview with fellow…,….. read article below. I actually believe that it causes hair loss too. I made Aliyah in 2013 and was slowly loosing my hair, after 2 years in Israel. My hair is actually growing back. I am doing nothing different except eating Israeli food and drinking the water.

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