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Rue Saint-Dominique, Marseille

The Or Thora synagogue on Rue Saint-Dominique in Marseille, established in 1962, has been purchased by the Al Badr organization, which runs a small mosque on the same street, The Local reported. The sale is under review by the city council and it is expected that the new mosque will open for business in a few months.

Zvi Ammar, President of the Marseille Israelite Consistory, said the move was positive. “For the past 20 years or so we have seen the shift of the Jewish community to other neighborhoods,” he said, adding, “We all have the same God, the main thing is for this to proceed in harmony.”


In January, Ammar said that the Jews of Marseille should avoid wearing their yarmulkes on the street. So much for harmony.

Marseille’s Jewish population has left the city center for the suburbs in recent years, and the Or Thora synagogue sometimes has fewer than ten worshippers at services. Meanwhile, the mosque down the street has been full to capacity during Friday services, with people forced to pray outside on the pavement.

Marseille’s 70,000 Jews are among Europe’s largest Jewish communities. Out of the city’s two million residents, an estimated 220,000 are Muslim.

France has an estimated 2,500 mosques, with another 300 under construction, but demand is even higher, according to some Muslim leaders. Dalil Boubakeur, Rector of the Grand Mosque in Paris, told Europe1 radio that some of France’s 40,000 churches should be turned into mosques. He said, “It’s a delicate issue, but why not?”

Why, indeed?


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  1. Ammar said that the Jews of Marseille should avoid wearing their yarmulkes on the street. So much for harmony.

    Religion is great, isn't it? I guess all you religious cults need something to beleive that you will go some great place after death, hence NO need to enjoy one's current life.

  2. Lol do you have some reason to believe this yet? You want to convict before having any evidence and before even a crime is committed. This was a sale, no one used violence to acquire the building which is more than I can say of some Europeans against other groups of people : reconquista, holocaust, Bosnian genocide.

  3. Oh you mean like Christianity? You know anyone personally that practices Islam? I’m going to guess not. Do you know anything about the actual teaching of Islam? Again my guess is no. I was raised Catholic but at least my parents taught me to accept those who are different and to not pass judgement out of ignorance. Spread peace, not hate. Look at the core of all religions, peace, love, understanding and care!

  4. Some years ago, the Israelis rebuilt the Churva synagogeu in the Old city of Jerusalem, I believe at a cost of many millions of USD.

    My first comment was that I hope and pray that the Jews will never have to leave the Old City, (and the Kotel) in which case, it was not nessassary to rebuild the synagogue, which will become a beautiful mosque.

  5. Live amongst many many Muslims, none of whom condone such behavior. None of whom believe that the extremist you are referring to are even practicing Islam. Do you know anything about the Christian crusades? Manifest destiny? Colonization?

  6. If the synagogue disagreed with the transaction, they could have denied the sale. Seems like both parties are happy with the outcome to me. Don’t understand why everyone is trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. Demographics change with time, evolution of communities/countries/cities is inevitable

  7. Millions of European Jews left Europe after the war to flood the Holy Land and push the people,who called the area home for generations, out to clear for their settlement. Meanwhile, a Muslim group legally purchases a Synagogue which had suffered dwindling membership. Small price to pay? *shrugs*

  8. Максим Арен so if a church is for sale, a Muslim can’t buy it and do with it what he wants?
    It’s not like they’re murdering Christians and Jews for their churches and temples…

    They’re murdering them just because…

    Correlation does not equal causation…

  9. Musa Mikaya you are the “terrorist” here…
    You seem incapable of reason.
    You refuse to answer any questions put to you.

    You just keep spewing hate and ignorance.

    Do some research.

    Check out what Islam was like before the 1970s…

    They were hijacked by extremists.

    I think all religion is detrimental and a total scam, but don’t blame one when they’re all equally guilty

  10. Musa has it right. The word Islam literally means submission. The simple fact is that none of you want to face the truth. It’s a violent and oppressive religion. If this cancer continues to spread and some of you are forced to live under sharia, you will see how loving Islam is.

  11. Luke Sebastian Scalone I have to agree it’s a slippery slope for sure! I mean we could generate so many other examples that’s just the first that came to mind. Look at the “Christian” cults and polygamists in the US they are sadistic

  12. I don't think you understand the message of the Jewish people. Our spirituality has nothing to do with what might or might not happen after death. What happens after death is not once described in our holy books. Our spirituality is about giving meaning and purpose to THIS life and THIS world. Our spirituality helps mankind rise above his animalistic inclinations to a higher level of perception that infuses infinite meaning into every action and aspect of life in this world. We are also the only spirituality that tells the other nations and people of the world that they do not need to convert to achieve their divine purpose; rather we are here to show all the nations of the world how to embrace their authentic identities while living in harmony, unlike the many religious and athiest haters that want people to all follow the same religion or drop all religion in the name of liberalism and peace.

  13. Why aren't multi millionaire Jews buying up the sunagogues? $453,000 is a cheap price to pay considering real estate in most US cities equal or exceeds that amount!
    Same thing in France. Jews should buy up the synagogue real estate! Wow! 2500 +300 new mosques! and wanting to buy up all the churches!! Where are the super wealthy Christians??

  14. Christianity is a dying religion in Europe; it's no surprise that the growing Muslim population is buying up churches. They're zoned for houses of worship. Judaism may not be dying exactly, but the few remaining European Jews are being driven out of Europe, so it makes sense their synagogues are being abandoned or sold.

    Sorry but that's the way it is. If Jews and Christians are concerned and want to do something about it, they should start by joining their local church/synagogue and supporting it, and get their communities involved.

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