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Missionary bibles and security equipment.

( Dozens of security coordinators from the Eshkol Regional Council (alongside the Gaza Strip) who were invited to a ceremony where they were to receive security equipment last weekend, were surprised to discover that a missionary organization was behind the donations. Some of the coordinators realized during the event that it was being exploited with the goal of converting Jews to Christianity. They were furious, left without taking any of the gifts, and reported the incident immediately to Yad L’Achim.

Yad L’Achim (Hebrew: “a hand for brothers”) is an Orthodox Jewish organization operating in Israel, focusing on outreach, counter-missionary and inter-religious intermarriage activity.


At the event, a missionary working for a Baptist group presented as “Gentile Ministry” delivered costly security equipment that included state-of-the-art binoculars, night vision equipment, hiking boots, and vests, along with innocent-looking Bibles, that came with an attached page of quotes of Biblical verses that missionaries have argued for generations suggest the Jewish prophets prophesied the coming of the Christian messiah. Jewish scholars have shown ages ago that every single one of those citations could mean a lot of things, and most of them were picked because of a lack of command of Hebrew on the part of the missionaries.

Yad L’Achim attorney Moshe Morgenstern on Monday sent an urgent letter to the Justice Minister and the Attorney General demanding an investigation into the incident. In his letter, Morgenstern cites Article 174 A of the Penal Code which prohibits the provision of benefits to cause a person to convert, and adds: “In practice it turned out that the benefits offered the security coordinators were a cover to a deliberate attempt to convert them. … My client is asking that the case be reviewed thoroughly, and the violators of the law be brought to justice.”


Theologically incorrect Missionary citations.

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  1. The state of Israel and all the Jews must explain to the Christians that the New Testament is not part of the true Bible, because it contains words which contradict the words that God had spoken before, which are written in the Old Testament (Tanakh), and that the true Bible is the Bible of the Judaism, that is composed only by the books of the Old Testament (Tanakh, or Hebrew Bible). For example: It is written in Genesis 17:9-14 and Exodus 12:48-49 and Leviticus 12:3 that God commanded that all men be circumcised, and in the New Testament, the false god of the Christians commanded not to do the circumcision (Galatians 5:2). Another example: It is written in Leviticus 11:1-30, that God commanded us not to eat the unclean animals, among which are the pig, the rabbit, the hare, the camel, the ostrich, the scaleless fishes, the shrimp, the lobster, the crab, the squid, the octopus, the mussels and the oysters, and in the New Testament, the false god of the Christians said that everything is clean, and that it is allowed to eat anything (Romans 14:14 and 14:20 and 1 Timothy 4:1-4). Another example: It is written in the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible, or Old Testament), in Exodus 20:8-11, that God commanded us not to work in the seventh day of the week, that is the Shabbat, and in the New Testament, the false god of the Christians said that it is not necessary to keep the Shabbat (Colossians 2:16). And the state of Israel and all the Jews must explain to the Christians also that the suffering servant mentioned in Isaiah 52:13-53:12 is not the Messiah, but the people of Israel, as it is written in Isaiah 41:8-9 and 44:21-22 and 49:1-3, and that the son of man mentioned in Daniel 7:13-14 is not the Messiah, but the people of Israel, as it is written in Daniel 7:16-18 and 7-27, and that the messiah prince mentioned in Daniel 9:24-27 was King Antigonus II Mattathias, who was a messiah, because he was anointed (messiah means anointed), because he was High Priest, and was a prince because he was King of Judea, and he was beheaded by the Romans in the year 37 BCE, and that Jesus the Nazarene was not a prophet, because he said that some persons who were standing there would not taste of death till they see him coming in his kingdom (Matthew 16:28), and this did not happen, and also he said that that generation would not pass till they see him coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory (Matthew 24:29-34), and this did not happen. Then, the Christians will be able to convert to Judaism.

    The state of Israel must forbid the practice of Christianity in the Land of Israel under penalty of death, because it is written in the Torah, in Exodus 22:19, that God commanded that, if a human being sacrifices to other god, he be killed, and the Christians sacrifice to other god, because their god, in the New Testament, said words that contradict the words that the true God had said before, that are written in the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible, or Old Testament). For example: It is written in Genesis 17:9-14 and Exodus 12:48-49 and Leviticus 12:3 that God commanded that all men be circumcised, and in the New Testament, the false god of the Christians commanded not to do the circumcision (Galatians 5:2). Another example: It is written in Leviticus 11:1-30, that God commanded us not to eat the unclean animals, among which are the pig, the rabbit, the hare, the camel, the ostrich, the scaleless fishes, the shrimp, the lobster, the crab, the squid, the octopus, the mussels and the oysters, and in the New Testament, the false god of the Christians said that everything is clean, and that it is allowed to eat anything (Romans 14:14 and 14:20 and 1 Timothy 4:1-4). Another example: It is written in the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible, or Old Testament), in Exodus 20:8-11, that God commanded us not to work in the seventh day of the week, that is the Shabbat, and in the New Testament, the false god of the Christians said that it is not necessary to keep the Shabbat (Colossians 2:16). And the state of Israel must destroy all Christian churches that are in the Land of Israel, because it is written in the Torah, in Deuteronomy 7:4-5 and 12:2-3, that God commanded Israel to destroy all the places of worship of other gods, and the Christian churches are places of worship of another god, a false god, who spoke words that contradict the words that the true God had spoken before, that are written in the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible, or Old Testament).

  2. Well written, but long. Simply said, observe the 10 Commandments. I would say that Christians are starting off wrong by breaking the First Commandment. No need to go further. Christians justify their beliefs with circular logic. Their proof is their own writing. There is only ONE bible, and it was all Torah. Nothing more needs to be learned. No upgrade by ignoramuses.

  3. Two weeks ago the Vatican issued a proclamation that CHristians should stop trying to convert Jews. THat we are
    G-ds chosen people and that Jesus was a practising Jew.
    I guesss they are not diseminating the info very well and tht those Evangalists didn't get the word from the Vatican

  4. Mr. Roy. Please exlpain yourself. Jews derserve to be stabbed? Mr. Pontes' words stir your realization?-Mr. Pontes is a literalist. He is not Jewish. He is not a Jew. He does not speak for Judaism. I believe he rejects the Oral Torah that was given with Torah at Mount Sinai.

  5. when are these God Fearing Missionaries understand the basics of Scriptures? Without us Jews there is no Jesus no Chrisianity nothing to convert. Easier for the Missionaries to go to school and learn the basics of Judaism and its beauty.

  6. Joao, You are mistaken. There is currently a huge wave of theological study on-going which asserts that the Christians are wrong in their beliefs if for no other reason than their own scriptures DO NOT FORBID cicumcision, kashurat, shabbat etc. Yes, these are interpretations of what their writers wrote, but that is all that they are. What if the Chrstians have misinterpreted their own sciptures?
    I understand the emotional desire to disprove Christianity, but their own bible does that for us.

  7. Appalling, but sadly typical. By way of contrast, the Baha'is, who have missions throughout the world, do not proselytize in Israel. If an Israeli happens to learn about Baha'ism when he is abroad, say, or in a book, and if he says he wants to convert, he will be asked to leave Israel (by the Baha'is). Persecuted elsewhere, notably Iran, they appreciate the security provided by Israel for their two holiest shroines and international centre in Haifa. Why can't these Christians take a leaf from their book?

  8. I am an American Christian Woman and I am deeply saddened by this. I have always supported Israel and will continue to do so, because my Bible tells me that its what God wants me to do. These missionaries offered you good gifts, they were not holding a gun to your heads saying convert or else. They offered the very best that they had to give, yours to accept or reject as you see fit. Your unrighteous words and actions do not speak well of "Gods chosen people"

  9. Michael Dar Michael, I believe the Hebrew Scriptures say otherwise, that the Jews, G-d's chosen people are to tell the world about the Almighty. Wasn't Jonah sent by G-d to preach to the Ninevites? Wasn't Isaiah moved to write, "You are my witnesses" in 43:10? Again, in 49:6 G-d is quoted, "I will make you as a light for the nations". Doesn't 1 Chronicles 16:24 tell the sons of Jacob (verse 13) to, "Declare His glory among the nations"? Are these not commands, part of the 613 laws in the Scriptures?

  10. Face it. The missionaries blew it royally and should be prosecuted to set an example for any future idiots who take the trouble to come to Israel to make Jews into gentiles. Even the Pope just declared they are not to convert the Jews. How dumb do you think the Jews are to buy a new religion for some night scopes? Or how many pieces of silver was that? Such behavior is primitive, patronizing, degrading and demonstrates that the missionaries only see Jews as objects for conversion.
    That sets back millions of Evangelicals who love Jews because the Bible says to do so will bring blessing.

  11. Bob Wilson We are to be a gentle (not Gentile) example, by living our lives in an ethical manor. NOT by activly seeking to turn others from thier heritage. Jews don't try to convert others because we don't believe that others are "damned" . When Messiah Comes it will be for everyone, no one gets Left Behind.

  12. They might as well have taken the stuff. Nobody can force anyone to become a Christian. But a good retort to protestant missionaries is "if we are not going to believe in the one true church, why should we believe in your new-fangled one"?

  13. the idea of the gift was very generious and nice, It is just a shame that they hid the facts from the start. Missonaries have been tring to convert the world for a long time and even in their misguided attempts propable still brought some good with them (except in Spain with the inqusition)

  14. It appears from the comments that some Jews really get their knickers in a twist if anyone shows them a Christian Bible. What are they afraid of? I'm not a Christian and neither was Jesus, but I don't strokes when I see a Bible. By the way, Happy Hannucha and Merry Christmas. Allah Akbar!

  15. Linda Lackner, Messianic "Jews" are not Jews. Ex-Jews who are now Christians and Christians who are Wannabee-Jews do not determine who is a Jew, but rather we Jews and Jewish Law determine who is a Jew. The commentaries they write are merely the usual Christian interpretations but with a Jewish sounding spin, like speaking of the gospel of John but calling him Yochanan. (Truly) Jewish teachings are not meant to be insulting, but they are what they are.

  16. I read everything. All religions. Right now, I am taking the Sefer Yetzirah very personally. It is actually not all that hard, if you were born, and have always lived, a certain way.

    You cannot effectively refute another without knowing their mindset. And to me, it is a shame, when anyone of any religion, does not know what their religion teaches. It is better to be cold or hot, than to be in the middle.

    No one need panic at this attempt at barter, which was rebuffed. The barter was, your time, for their goods. And it was exactly that — An attempt at a trade.

    I was supposed to be a Lutheran, but I was told that I would burn in Hell forever, for what I believed. And yet, still, they confirmed me. I said that there was a cutting off, not eternal torment. I said there was Hashem and man, not a Trinity. I said that the Eucharist was the expression in the physical world of Hashem; it was not the literal or mystical body of Yeshua. And so on.

    I was never comfortable, in the Lutheran church. For the god they spoke of, was but a foreigner, a stranger, to me. Their god of Saul of Tarsus, was not the One whom I found in the universe. Hashem, is a friend of man, Who walks, and talks with him, if man chooses to walk beside him.

    Of course, my family has always gone our own way. But that is a matter of distant ancestry.

    And day and night, inside and out, I see the balls of light flash, coming at me brightly, and then returning, leaving the deep dark holes for an instant, where you can see far into the foundations of the very universe.

    And this, is why I cannot be a Christian — For there is no room for that in the New Testament, and certainly not in the Christian world; It is only discoverable, in the Tanakh.

    Of course, I am not acceptable to the Jew, either.

    So, where does that leave me, but standing between all of the worlds?

  17. The reality of it all is, that if you gut the New Testament of everything but the four Gospels, James, and the Revelation, and translate it correctly from the Greek with no bias, you would see Yeshua as essentially a Judaic teacher.

    The rest of the books, of the New Testament?

    Oh, they are the teachings of Saul of Tarsus, who never ever met him; they are not the words of Yeshua.

    Then you basically come down to only one argument, or one set of questions:

    Did Jews view Yeshua, as Mashiach? And did Yeshua view himself, as Mashiach?

    And have any Jews, or any other Jew, ever viewed any other Jew, or themself, as Mashiach, throughout the entire history of Israel?

    Just food for thought, for those who have read Josephus, and later works.

  18. There was only one kid in my whole high school that I knew of who was uncircumcised, and his name was something like Larry Feldman, or something. However, we were circumcised immediately upon birth, not right after our first week of life.

    I just want to point out, that it is mistaken, to believe that circumcision is not practiced amongst Christians. In my day, it was essentially a universal practice.

  19. Jesus was Jewish, all his family and relatives too. Who want to follow JESUS would become Jewish and not a Christian. Saul from Tarsus, also known as St. Paul believed that he can produce a mixture of both Pagan and Jewish beliefs and he started an NEW religion, effectively divorcing from Judaism. As circumcision and giving up pork would not be accepted by the converts, HE dropped it from his requirements. PAUL SUGGESTED AND FORCED THROUGH HIS PROPOSALS. Not Jesus, not G-d of the Jews, not Tnach or what we call Jewish Bible or the "Old Testament". In the New Testament are only Jewish Holidays. The Christian ones came much later. Christianity we know today is Christianity of Roman Emperor Constantine in the 4th century. Just to answer somebodies good comment: Christianity accepted 5 of the 10 Commandments, Islam not a single one. Christianity never gave up SLAVERY and removed from the first Commandment “I AM G-D WHO TOOK YOU OUT OF EGYPT”, meaning “ I MADE YOU FREE PEOPLE by liberating you from SLAVERY. The same Commandment forbid images to be worshipped, that part also vanished from Christian Catechism. The same way vanished Shabbat – the day seven – and the prohibition of manual work. In SLAVE SOCIETY of the Roman Empire it was inconceivable to OUTLAW SLAVERY as Jews until the last century, in some forms still few decades ago …..I do not want to make it long. I repeat, who want to follow Jesus WILL BECOME JEWISH AS HE WAS between his birth & circumcision and execution by Roman soldiers at the order of that time a Roman Ruler of the Province Judea …

  20. Linda Lackner our Bible also teaches us, as the prophet Elijah said to the Jews who were falling into idolatry, "If Gd is Gd follow Him, but if Baal is Gd, then follow him,' one or the other, not both. You see Jews as a bloodline/race, but Jewishness is neither bloodline or race. As one who converts to Judaism becomes a Jew, so does a Jew who converts to another faith lose their status as a Jew. Gd called the Jews a nation, every nation has its own citizenship laws. The "naturalization process" to become a "citizen" is conversion to Judaism. A US citizen, if he becomes a citizen of China loses his US citizenship. The US has dual citizenship with some other countries. Israel as a country does, too, but Judaism and Jewishness doesn't. As I said, Jews and Jewish Law determine this.

  21. Your Ambassador to America just gave products from Judea,Samaria and the Golan Heights. Given as a gift. It's a great subtle expression to secure a reaction. The reaction is receive the gift or reject it. It's a gift. I think your own Ambassador has done the same thing you are charging this missionary group with. But It's what you do when you love people. You honour them and give them the best you have. David the Psalmist said "I love your law" and so do I.The security in the books are far insurpassing the security of the equipment

  22. Gordon you do not see things as we do.
    1 Christians have tried to convert us for centuries and when they failed, they usually turned against us e,g Martin Luther, who thought that we would join his new religion because it was against the Papacy, and then decided that we should have our homes confiscated and our synagogues burned.
    2 Christianity is a religion focused on the worship of a man. No matter what kind of man that is, good or bad, even if he were the Mashiach, that would still be wrong . Worship belongs to HaShem alone cf the words of D'varim 6v13 which J.e.s.u.s himself quoted in Luke 4v8.
    Christians follow a false religion and even though our Sages taught that it is not avodah zarah, it comes pretty close I would think, because they pray to a man, of course some allege that that is also happening in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, too which is shocking, because pray belongs to HaShem, Even your own teacher said so in Matthew 6v9: "When you pray say Our Father……."
    So the ambassador was making a political point, he was not trying to convert Christians to Judaism. Having said that the comment by Lior ( ליאור פלא) really lets us down, such language is born from hatred of others, not love of G-d.

  23. Gary W. Harper Yes circumcision in the States was at one time pretty much universal, but not because of the Covenant with G-d. Brit Milah and circumcision are not necessarily the same thing. But the point is that read in context Paul DID NOT abolish anything in the Torah including Brit Milah. He circumcised Timothy. We need to stop buying the Christian interpretation of what was really being said. Paul did not found Christianity, indeed he is adamant that he did not abolish Torah, but establish it. This was an argument about whether Y'hoshua the Nazerene was the Mashiach or not, it is very like the argument over Rebbe Schneerson today. Just because some of the Rebbe's followers have decided that he is Mashiach ben Yosef and Mashich ben David, does not mean that he founded a new religion. So Chrsitianity only really started after Paul's time, when they separated from Judaism, somehwere about 136 C.E or so. I decided to make it my life's mission to study what the Christians read in order to answer them. Several missionaries having been confronted with the fact that they have misread their own scriptures are now converts to Judaism. That is the answer to them, not buying into what the church says about Paul!!

  24. Alice Jena True – I find it curious that they don't read the story of the Exodus carefully and understand the irony of the 10th plague – the death of the firstborn and in the case of Pharaoh, (god to the Egyptians) the ignominious death of Pharaoh's son (the son of god). Also, the deliciousness of the instructions for the passover feast – roast one of the Egyptian gods and have it for dinner right in front of the Egyptians. The author of the book of John didn't get it apparently.

  25. Keith. Sorry but J.e.s.u.s christ is not a name, Christ is a title and it does not mean Mashiach or Messiah. Mashiach means Anointed. Christ comes from Christos, an adverbial noun, formed by adapting the Greek verb to polish, so christ means the polished one. He may well be, but he is NOT the Mashiach, either ben Yosef or Ben David.
    Nor does your J.e.s.u.s bear any resembles to the one of whom the early new testament writings speak. Your J.e.s.u.s abolished Torah, according to Mattityahu 5v17, Y'hoshua the Nazerene, did NOT!!!! So whoever J.e.s.u.s (by the way you should wonder why your religion calls its "messiah" by a Greek appellation that invokes Zeus, coming from the Indo-Persian god Diesus) is, he is not the Mashiach of Israel. Maybe he is that "another" Y'hoshua that 2 Corinthians 11v4 warns you about??????????????????????????????????? There Paul (actually his name is Saul or Shaul and he was a Jewish Rabbi, a student of the Master Gamaliel) uses the greek word allos, anyone who knows anything about chemistry will recognise that word, it means similar but different, and alloy is a compound that appears to be a metal, but is not. That is precisely what your J.e.s.u.s is, he appears to be something that he is not.

  26. Lisa A Rosson J.e.s.u.s is NOT G-d and he never claimed to be. He claimed to be G-d's Mashiach. That is a different argument, but when asked about how to pray he said say OUR FATHER in heaven…….. So how can you pray to him? Prayer is ONLY to G-d.
    In fact Paul (Shaul) said "G-d is (echad) one and there is one mediator between G-d and man; Mashiach Yeshua, who is a HUMAN-BEING".
    This is what your own bible says.
    I am open to many thoughts about Y'hoshua, but the Christians have turned him into something he did not claim to be – a human-god.

  27. JV Kislev Maybe, but:
    1 you would have to show that the book is a book of idolatry. That is a debate, because nowhere does their new testament tell them to worship J.e.s.u.s as G-d. There maybe many interpretations that we would find wrong, but the text of the book itself is not idolatry.
    2 It is still a sin to destroy the Divine Name. That is beyond debate. Don't argue with me, argue with the Chazal.

  28. Lisa A Rosson I have no doubt that you are a sincere person. Hashem did not choose us because we are better, indeed in many ways we fail miserably to live out His calling on us in D'varim 7v6, the verse before the one you reference.
    However, to convert to follow your religion would be utterly sinful for us. Isaiah 8v20 says that any who speak not according to Torah have no light. Your religion says it is abolished! D'varim 13 warns us against following any prophet who seeks to have us follow any other god than Hashem, a god who has abloished Torah is not Hashem.
    J.e.s.u.s said in John 17v17 that the Torah was the ONLY truth (it is written in the Greek aorist voice, giving his words an emphatic force THE (ONLY) truth.
    Given that he was a Torah observant Rabbi, he could not possibly have started Christianity, which is a later (much later than Paul by the way to all my fellow Jews who love to hate Paul) innovation.
    If I were to say in love to you, that Christianity is a mixture of biblical faith and paganism, that you should follow J.e.s.u.s and observe Torah, that you should not keep Xmas or Easter, both of them very very pagan feasts, but rather keep the feasts of Leviticus 23, the first of which is Shabbat, that Sunday is a pagan day of worship imposed on you by the Catholic church's councils, which you so much reject, that it has nothing to do with rising from the dead, since your own bible says that he was already alive BEFORE Sunday, so on Shabbat.
    Would you be offended?
    Possibly, yet Born again Christians, out of good motivations, that they love us, say equally offensive things that are contrary to what G-d Himself has instructed us and are offended when we are outraged.
    To you and all Christians who love and support the Jewish people and our state, thank you, from the depths of my being, thank you for loving us.
    We also love you, and hope that you will find your way to Torah, and the religion of the one whom you believe to be the Messiah, Judaism.

  29. Lisa Liel The Chazal are divided on this matter.Tractate Shabbat says that we should remove the Name before burning the heretical books. How would you propose to do that with a book which is printed on both sides? Rav Tarfon says that we should just burn them, while others of the sages say that they are to be concealed, that is hiiden away. It seems to me that with our history with the Nazis and book burning and the practical difficulty of how to cut the Name out of a printed book and what to do with what is cut out given that some heretical words may be on the back-side, that concealing them is the preferable option. I am uncomfortable with destroying the Name of G-d, but if you are comfortable, by all means go ahead, I am sure that He will let you know what He thinks of it on the last day.

  30. Yorin Benn First of all, it isn't "the Chazal". It's "Chazal". Second of all, as a matter of practical halakha, we burn them. As we did when the missionaries dropped off treyfer sefers at the Kotel. It doesn't matter that it also contains the Tanakh. We don't go to the Gemara to determine psak halakha. I'm quite comfortable destroying these books.

  31. Stuart Federow
    There are many different types of Jews who believe that J.e.s.u.s is Moshiach. I do not believe that he is, but to characterise all Messianics as Ex-Jews or Christians who are wanna be Jews is simply ridiculous and stereotypical.
    Yes some, maybe the majority, of Messianics are just Christians and there are many wanna be Jews among them, but there are also Messianics who live a Torah observant life. I know some of them and they are more observant than the President of my Orthodox shul who doesn't mind having prawns now and then and tells us so!
    Nor is it subterfuge to call John Yochanan, that was his name! He was from the Galil, no way that his mother or father named him John!
    So while I am totally committed to opposing Christianity trying to convert us and am adamantly opposed to what it teaches, let's be adult about this!
    The chazal say that even if a Jew converts to a false religion he is still a Jew and can return. I think that they might be right and you might be mistaken. Surely trying to reach the Messianics and restore them to Torah is more important than scoring points.

  32. Lisa Liel First, you are quite correct, pedantic, but correct and this exhibits the true nature of your relationship with other people, you are self-smug, but correct, the slip-up was mine, nevertheless it is one that I have noted in articles by Rabbis more learned than either you or me.
    If I might point out, it is to the Mishna that I was referring. The decision was not unanimous, but as I said, Knock yourself out, I would rather conceal than destroy, but the spirit of religious zealotry is more akin to the Nazi methods than I would be comfoprtable with as a faithful Jew. Even one who mkaes simple mistakes ever day which I am certain that you do not.

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