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What’s wrong with these Jews, an irate American missionary blurted in an email he thought was going to his friend but went, instead, to The Jewish Press online editor.

The feedback email of The Jewish Press on Wednesday received what was probably supposed to be an irate comment in a private email to a friend by our reader (who shall remain nameless) criticizing an article we ran earlier in the day, about a missionary group who donated state-of-the-art equipment to several dozen Jewish security coordinators from the Eshkol Regional Council (alongside the Gaza Strip). The only catch was that the group, “Gentile Ministry,” also included in the package a stack of bibles, each with an attached page “proving” the Jewish prophets had prophesized the coming of Jesus.


Needless to say, our readers, in Israel and abroad, had some unkind things to say about the group, which prompted the angry letter that said, above a link to our story:

“Hello George. Amazing, is it not? Evangelical Christians are the best friends that Israel has, and yet the Jews refuse to even discuss Christ. Read some of the comments below the article (missionaries donate equipment, Bibles).

“Blessings to you and the family…”

Which kind of proved the point Yad L’Achim was making when they complained about the group in a letter to the Israeli government, because in the Jewish State it is against the law to tempt someone with a gift to get them to convert to your religion.

It was also a rare opportunity to peek into the mind of this missionary who honestly looks at the Jews in Israel and elsewhere as raw potential for conversions, and nothing but that. There are, in fact, millions of Christians out there who are capable of giving simply out of empathy, even love, expecting, perhaps, a thank you in return—which Jews are only too happy to say—but if they harbor recruitment fantasies they are very good at keeping them private.

Let’s call this incident a glitch and continue to love and appreciate American religious gentiles who are the best gentile friends Jews ever had.



  1. Never understood these people….. What would they like the Jews to convert to exactly? Jews are already members of the same religion as Jesus was so isn’t that the idea? Jesus was NEVER Christian so why would Jews be interested in assuming a religion which even Jesus was never a part of? Just doesn’t make sense

  2. "There are, in fact, millions of Christians out there who are capable of giving simply out of empathy, even love, expecting, perhaps, a thank you in return"

    Millions? Uh, no. They pretty much all think the same way your letter writer does. I know. I used to be one of them.

    In fact, just go visit the Breaking Israel News site and read the comments over there which are a free-for-all of attempted proselytizing, accusations of blindness, etc. They don't censor these comments so you can see it all first hand.

  3. pope is a nice guy as popes go, but he really has no power over our ‘need’ to be converted. nice of him to tell his troupes to lay off. but I’m not convertible. With or without the pope, I did it right the first time, and this Jew is forever and always a Jew

  4. This reminds me of my converted Christian uncle…who cared nothing for my life or what happened in it, but was only too happy to inform me of my eternity in Hell, without the benefit of Christ, he hung up when I reminded him that Christ was a Jew. They do this to ladder their way into Heaven. Would that do it without their promised reward…..gakkkk !!

  5. I’m just stating the truth, if you find it ugly that’s your opinion and I respect that. Honestly I don’t think it is any different than how White people think of Africans and Asians. People just want to belong, sometimes, they do that by hating other people.

  6. I’ve been called a dog many times at work by both my jewish and white employer. Turns out his was having personal troubles. Once he got a divorce and remarried, he stopped barking to me. It’s just human nature to hate people who are different than you. Making fun of other people elevates your self esteem. i got to know how Jews think, it’s not ugly probably different than how other people think. Growing up in the playground all the way to the nursing you see human nature at play. It’s just that the people might change in your life, the drama is the same.

  7. Yeshua, certainly was not a Christian. That is the religion of Saul of Tarsus, a Hellenized Jew, who could never decide which world he wanted to live in, the Jews' or the Romans'. So, he created his own world…

    I find very little of Yeshua's statements in the New Testament of Saul. They are entirely rooted in the Tanakh. And Yeshua was adamant, on this single point — Do not pray to me…Pray to the One.

  8. Will Zhou, your comments are so offensive it takes my breath away. If you think you "know how Jews think" you are sadly mistaken. 1 person does not a people make! I have never been in business and I assure you I do not regard Christians "for profit". Nor do the Jewish people that I know…I am truly sorry you had bad esperiences, but we all have. And yet most of us understand that individuals may be crummy humans but their whole ethnic/religious group are not. I feel terribly sorry for you as a human being – you are one of the most prejudiced persons. So sad

  9. “if they harbor recruitment fantasies they are very good at keeping them private”…… then, the fact that the muslim prayer call blared from the Temple Mount is allowed provides evidence that the Christian gospel is more powerful even when whispered. I’ll think about this.

  10. The moslems are trying to destroy our bodies and the christians are trying to destroy our souls. Our Torah is the word of the Creator, Austin. As a believing christian you would readily admit this. Are you aware? that the Torah, which was given to 3 million Jews at the foot of Mt. Sinai, never before or again matched in the annals of humanity!…these 3 million Jews heard and saw G-D's Words with the first three commandments and then begged Moshe to teach them the rest…their souls flew out of their bodies…it was way to intense for these special people who were nowhere as special as the greatest prophet who ever lived…Moshe! So, Austin…it says in our Torah, several times…that this is HaShem's Word, NEVER to be added to, subtracted from or changed in any way…EVER…it stands forever. And what does your christian bible do…and the koran…THEY CHANGE G-D'S WORD! The CHUTZPAH! And one has to wonder why G-D Started his Torah with Bereishis/Genesis when He was Giving the Torah in order to teach His People Israel His Laws? Not logical and we're taught that not one letter in the Torah or any scriptures are wasted…everything written is purposeful. Rashi teaches us that He Did this because G-D is beyond time and space and He Sees the future, present and past simultaneously, and therefore, He Knew that christians were going to come along way before j.c. was ever born and change His Word! He also Knew that the moslems were going to come along and say that the Jews stole the land of Israel…which is why He Began His Torah with Genesis/Bereishis so that everyone would know that He Created the world and, therefore, He can Give any tract of land to anyone he Chooses and He Chose the Jews!

  11. Christians wonder why they are distrusted, when everything they do is with utlerior motives. Of course, they think they are operating on an exaulted level, but under the surface is an spiritual impurity and arrogence they only attribute to Jews, but nevre to themselves. It could be a good relationship, but it will never happen as long as Christians engage in the spiritual murder of Jews.

  12. This is the problem with christianity, they always have an agenda, they dont do things because they love people but because they want to force their religion upon other people. If you want to help people do it without regard as to what people believe. Christians probably do not know it but you do not have the answers as you thought.

  13. Good sir, might you give me a more full name of that ministry? I searched for the name you did give, "Gentile Ministry", and could find naught by that name. I have somewhat to say to them. If you could be so kind as to direct me? Thank you. : )

  14. I used to be one a Christian sad to say so I know all too well their thoughts on Jews and I have to admit that I hate that now I am now for lack of a better term anti Christ because I know Christianity is as false as the Muslim faith though at least the modern ones are nicer to Jews for the mostpart

  15. There are a considerable number of people who see Saul as the root of the problem. And most of them are professed Christians. It is not so much what he said, as it is the interpretations and dogma which were to derive out of his words. But this much is true — The Hellenized world saw no problem in worshiping a man as a god — But much of the Israel of Yeshua's time, would rather bare their necks to the sword, than bow down and worship anyone other than Hashem. And that is the biggest difference between Judaism and Christianity, conceptually. Worshiping Yeshua, is no different than worshiping the Cherubim, or the Bronze Serpent, to the Jew. And I was raised to believe as the Jew does…

  16. Gary W. Harper Excellent comments. Having followed God out of christianity. Pauline doctrine of Hellenizing jews then and still trying! If they loved Jesus, they would have promoted his devotion to Torah. All christianity is Pauline and deceptions. Thank you for speaking truth.

  17. I note that there may well have been a degree of naiivité on the part of the missionary's comment to his friend, sent in error to the Jewish press. However I ask myself about two things here: 1. The degree of integrity the editor may have in publishing what is clearly a private letter between a man and his friend.. Only to score some point or another…
    And 2. The visceral reactions read within the texts of Chandrell through to Epstein. No quality of mercy there and leaving a note of disappointment remain simply between friends.
    This entire "journalistic" endeavour with its tawdry commentary leaves me shaking my head in wonder at its pettiness.

  18. Gary W. Harper, good try at meeting Jews half way in order to bring them to your side. The 'gospels' say Jesus was indeed a GOD, that his FATHER was NOT a man! His father was a god and his mother was a human. That makes him a DEMIGOD. Any way you look at it. The "NT" is ROMAN invention.

  19. Ellen Francis
    What the heck, what I meant to say was it needs to be if "someone is trying to convert a Jewish person," Period!!!! regardless of a gift, should be taken to the airport and deported immediately. I read my original and sorry for the mixup.

  20. Ellen Francis
    No that's not what I'm saying, somewhere way back before my great, great, great grandmother how far back I don't know. Traced my lineage in England then it's lost. My grandma said her relatives also lived in Ireland. Yes, I got charcoal, that was Hashems way of never allowing me to enjoy the pagan holiday and I'm grateful I never became attached to xtianity. The ways of Hashem are awesome.

  21. Not all of course, but have heard of certain messianic groups in very poor countries, only feeding the people who decide to convert. The Jewish people are much smaller in number, its very dstasteful for Christian convert seekers to prey on them.

  22. Stephen Harland-Smith, you think there was merely "a degree of naivite" in the guy's email? There was nothing naive about it. The guy was complaining that -even though Christians have given them this stuff – Jews STILL don't want to hear about Jsus. So the point of the stuff was to buy prosletyzing time. The guy couldn't just say, They have the stuff, they'll be safer now? No. Because that wasn't the point of the "donation". Instead, you complain about the editor's integrity and call the article "tawdry"! Stephen. You are a Christian. And you don't like it that this article was published. What other conclusion should I come to?

  23. I Think.. People do something to show what they believe.
    Terrorist kill because they believe what they worship is a killer,
    Christians gives because they believe their g-d is g-d who gives,
    The questions ver remain the same, what would Jews do to show what kind of g-d theirs is

  24. Were sick of you Christians trying to shove your IDOLATRY down our throat , be thankful Moshe himself isn't alive now you'd be stoned for even trying . The torah as for as convert the stranger said nothing but the stranger had to abide by torah while in the land of Israel I.e not worship their false deities by their customs while there and if they tried to convert one on bnei Israel he/she was to be stoned its in the torah look it up

  25. Zaki, you do not know MY thoughts regarding Jewish people. I respect most people in general. However, as a Christian, I do not see anyway I can be a Christian and not be supportive of the Jewish people. No ulterior motives, etc. Surely you know a couple of Christian organizations who give to those who have made Aaliyah household items such as cookware, blankets, and food. One organization also gives the new imigrants a new Bible with their welcome pack. It's a Jewish Bible – not a Christian one. No ulterior motives, but a desire to help. Not all Christians are what you that which you think they are.

  26. Delta Vines ,But then my question to you is where is your heart on it , you may well expect nothing in return but do you secretly desire to see the Jews saved ? If so then your true hearts desire is to convert them to an idolatrous faith . I know you don't see it that way but that is what Christianity is ,if you worship any man regardless of what his or his disciples claims are (that of being G-d come in the flesh) then you or anyone is commuting idolatry . Torah teaches ,and I mean torah of Moshe that Yah only is our savior, He alone no man regardless of the claim no prophet no so called messiah no one but the ONE El most high. Hear oh Israel YHVH our El ,YHVH is what oh yeah, ONE.not three yet mysteriously still one ONE.
    Delta I hope you can understand what I've just posted here I mean no disrespect to sincere people but I do want people to wake up and reevaluate and reinvestigate their faith and at least stop trying to push it on a people who see your's for what torah says it is with more then two thousand years of persecution and various times of overt slavery behind us and possibly yet more to come we are far more than sceptical we are I hate to use these words because you may get offended but, prejudiced against your faith as a result

  27. Thank you for your understanding that every group has its fools.
    Jews are already G-d's children by His eternal covenants with you: no recruitment is necessary or possible. We gentile Christians (should) believe that we are grafted onto your tree through our Jewish Savior. How can a tree be grafted onto itself?
    Again, I thank you for maintaining your perspective despite the insult delivered from ignorance.

  28. I guess there is still a bad taste from reformation, the burning of synagogues with Jews still inside, torture for not believing in a slightly premature conception of a Messiah and all of the other expulsions all in the name of some latter day Jew who did not even consider becoming a saintly figure but after about 100 years some apologist decided to put a sticker on the name of Jesus and promulgate him as such.. – it was subsequently that the sht hit the fan and the whole world fell in line with the ever more increasing idolotry which picked up speed and ornamentation in its run up to the future – all to the detriment of actual Judaism – the source of Jesus himself…So, when people say why are Jews so hated, the only response is why hate so much and change history in the process?

  29. I am not a follower of Judaism, but I have come to understand how many Jews feel. However, many Jews probably fail to understand that there are a couple possiblities here. One is what they are assuming, that the Christians were plotting at how to sneakily get Jews to see Messianic prophecies and invented the scheme of donating the equipment. The other is that they really wanted to help Israel with this equipment and then decided that it would be wrong to offer Israel only physical safety equipment without at least offering them spiritual security though what many Christians believe is the only source. If the Jews involved had done what I suggested, the reaction of these Christians would have revealed which was the real motive. I personally do not like the evangelism methods of popping something in surreptitiously, but I just suggesting that it might not be quite so sneaky and conniving as many are assuming.

  30. I also want to add that I don't think this charge of bribing Jews to convert has a legal leg to stand on. That charge would be valid if the gifts were given as a reward for actually converting, but these gifts were given without any commitments to convert. This incident is an example of advertising, exactly like when I am looking for English tutoring material and am faced with proselytizing messages from the LDS church. We may not like those things, but a free society has to put up with them. Sneaky? Maybe. Illegal? No.

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