Photo Credit: Arab Social Media via TPS
Stones being gathered by Arabs to throw on the Temple Mount. June 27, 2016

Riots on the Temple Mount continued this morning with masked Islamic youths gathering stones inside the Al Aqsa Mosque, and then throwing them as well as launching fireworks directly at police located outside.

No one was injured.


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  1. It is only to the benefit of the Muslims that Jews and other visitors be removed from the Temple Mount when they riot and assault police and others; so why continue to do that? Limit the number of Muslims allowed there to a manageable number and to heck with the way they feel about it. They are going to riot any way.

  2. Poor pity us "they throw rocks and try to split
    open our heads" can't the UN do something
    to make them stop" poor pity us …OMG another
    person crippled, please tell them to behave"
    What sane country allows its citizens to be
    Maybe if Israel arrests another solider they will
    Shameful ! How many minutes would these
    murderous activity go on in Moscow, NY
    Paris? That's correct,everyone says it wouldn't
    Happen!!! Beyond the first time! Pathetic

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