Photo Credit: US Department of State
Secretary General of the League of Arab States Ahmed Aboul Gheit

Secretary-General of the Muslim World League, Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Al-Issa called the Holocaust a “Nazi crime” in an open letter on the occasion of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Issa expressed “great sympathy with the victims of the Holocaust, an incident that shook humanity to the core, an event whose horrors could not be denied or underrated by any fair-minded or peace-loving person.”

Issa said that Islam protects the innocent and holds accountable anyone who attacks or kills a single innocent soul.


Adel al-Harbi, Muslim World League general media supervisor said the group’s participation in the international gathering confirmed “the Holocaust is a crime against humanity.”

Issa added that “This human tragedy perpetrated by evil Nazism won’t be forgotten by history, or meet the approval of anyone, except criminal Nazis or their genre. True Islam is against these crimes.”


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