Photo Credit: Maarat HaPachpela Administration
The location of the silver Mezuza that the Muslims stole from Maarat Hamachpela

On Friday, during the Muslim prayer time at the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron, The Muslims stole the beautiful and ornate silver Mezuza that was attached to the entrance to the building, according to a TPS report.

In addition, they broke into the storeroom and stole saplings worth thousands of shekels.


As it was part of the Ramadan holiday, Israeli police were not stationed on site, and “protection” of the site was under control of the Waqf.

In 1929, following the massacre of the Jewish community of Hebron by their Arab neighbors, and similarly after 1948 in the Old City of Jerusalem, the Arabs ripped out the Mezuzas from the doorposts of the Jewish-owned homes, but in many cases, you can still see where the Mezuzas used to be located.

The Jewish community of Hebron is demanding that the exclusive Muslim days at the tomb be cancelled until the Mezuza is returned.

The Mezuza:

The silver Mezuza at the entrance to Maarat HaMachpela. Source:HotNews1




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  1. We should treat Jewish holy sites the same way that Palestinians treat the not holy mosque on the Temple Mount. The Patriachs are nothing to do with Islam despite Mohammed pretending that they are and changing the truth in an effort to support his lies.

    Allah was chosen as one of the idols from Medina and he has 3 daughters. No way can that be another aspect of our Jewish God, we say it in the Shema, God is One.

  2. The Arabs have proven they are experts in their repetitive compulsion to lose every battle; yet, quite successful at desecrating Jewish homes and holy sites, and murdering Jewish civilians–not only these days, or Hebron '29, or Jerusalem '48, but lest we forget the barbaric attack on the Hadassah Hospital convoy in April, 1948, with the doctors and nurses murdered and dismembered.

    Until the Temple Mount and Kotel are respected, why give the Arabs such a one-way pass to their Dome of the Rock, let alone our own Tomb of the Patriachs? Only in the minds of J Street should Jews be perceived as weak and indefensible.

  3. Constant policing is too expensive. The boredom of standing guard in an area where crime is low can drive a cop to drink. Fasten it better. Install a tamper alarm, maybe a GOOD cmaera, not one of those gas station VHS recorders that have reused the same tape for 20 years.

  4. Muslims there are an unbiased, credited group, that only show the highest level of respect for Judaism. And even though they were the only ones permitted in that area at that time, and no one of any other religion was allowed there, their highest standards of respect for other people of other religions automatically precludes them from doing such a thing. And the fact that their president, serving the 11th year of his 4 year term recently accused Jews of poisoning Muslim wells, that still would not suggest any disrespect or theft of a Jewish religious object.

  5. I believe Mr. Gary Dalin said it correctly:·
    Waqf should pay for replacement of it all. It was under their watch per agreement. They failed and should be held accountable for the future's sake.

    My only different comment is that there is no amount of money that can replace it. The Waqf MUST be held respopnsible to find the thieves since it was on their watch only. It was most likely teenagers. Never-the-less, Muslim, Christian or Jew, the thieves MUST be caught & prosecuted! This must never be tolerated!

  6. Akhtar Ali is a Pakistani religious Muslim in London, posts anti Israel, supports Palestinians and MONITORS MY Facebook. I want ALL my friends to be aware! I don't know him or anything about him except what's on his Facebook.

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