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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with IDF soldiers as he tours the southern Israeli border with Gaza.

“It’s nearly two years since Operation Protective Edge” and it’s the quietest it’s ever been since Hamas took control of the region in 2007, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told troops Tuesday during an unannounced visit with IDF soldiers stationed along the northern Gaza border.

Netanyahu had gone with top defense officials to inspect the site of a large terror tunnel leading from Gaza into Israel that was discovered last month. It was intended for use by Hamas’s elite Nukhba commandos during a strategic attack on Israeli communities by the border.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu inspects a terror tunnel leading from Gaza under the border deep into Israeli territory.

“Tomorrow is Holocaust Remembrance Day; 70 years ago, we were like a leaf in the wind with no defense force, helpless as they massacred us, slaughtered us. Today we have a country and we have an army – we have the ability to defend ourselves,” Netanyahu said. “What motivates me is to secure the future of Israel in its land, because for the Jewish People there is no future without our land.”

He pointed out that elsewhere in the region things are not nearly as calm. “We are in the eye of the storm, I want you to know this,” he said. “ A half million people have been murdered around us in Syria, which is collapsing. Iraq has collapsed, neither of them – actually – still exist. Yemen collapsed, Libya collapsed.”

Israel is an “island of stability,” he said.

But a few hours after the prime minister left the area, Gaza terrorists opened fire at IDF soldiers and vehicles operating near the Gaza Belt community of Nahal Oz, close to the security fence along Gaza’s northern border. No soldiers were injured in the attack; however, at least one military vehicle was damaged.

According to the IDF Spokesperson, soldiers from the Engineering Corps were doing routine maintenance on the security fence at the time of the attack. They were working on a section of the fence near the Gaza City neighborhood of Shujaya – the location of one of the toughest battles fought by the IDF against Hamas during Operation Protective Edge.


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. You may be right. Important to remember the lessons from the past,however. There was a time when the King of Israel took counsel from his advisers .I believe it was either Reheboam or his son. The elderly men advised a more prudent,slightly attitude towards the people. The younger men advised a more severe treatment of authority. He listened to the younger,less experienced and intollerant ones. The impending results were disastrous! Of the twelve Tribes of Israel, Ten revolted and broke off on their own. Only Two remained with him.

  2. LOL, an island of stability. How old is that stupid nonsense? You, Bibi, & your predecessors, because of Israel's terribly poor political system (about which you're quite adept at abusing at the expense of the innocent) make Israel an annoying scab constantly being picked at by the bloody hands of inside & outside of Israel and all over the world.
    Your senseless evil appeasement of the overwhelmingly genocidal mythical so-called Palestinians has caused the death, serious injury, injury, & displacement of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. It's cost Israelis hundreds of billions in national treasure.
    It's always & will always FAIL.
    Repatriate them to Jordan & Egypt like all other countries would do & have done throughout all of history. Stop, at the expense of the innocent, the cowardly avoidance of making the right, legal, & compassionate move.
    Repatriate them, damn it!

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