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Scene from the wedding party "hate dance."


Were the young men at the “hate dance” at the now infamous wedding invited guests?


Did Jewish extremists crash the now infamous wedding party and hoist guns, a firebomb and knives while stabbing a picture of the Arab baby who died in last summer’s arson-murder attack in Duma?

Or perhaps the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) staged the whole event?

The answer to these questions may depend on whether you believe that the Shin Bet prevented at least one of the suspects in the case from praying with tefillin and lighting Hanukkah candles. The Shin Bet has vehemently denied the allegations, which have not cropped up since, indicating they were entirely false.

It may depend on whether you believe the Shin Bet tortured the suspects, whatever “torture” means.

The latest counter-charge in what has become one of the ugliest Made in Israel sagas since the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin alleges that undercover cops crashed the party and staged the hate dance.

That would answer several questions, such as:

How did the “guests” bring in knives and semi-automatic rifles into the wedding hall?

Why was the fate dance filmed?

How did the video get into the hands of Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon?

The conspiracy theory, with plenty of reminders of the assassination of Rabin that was preceded by Shin Bet agent Avishai Raviv being filmed with a picture of Rabin in an SS uniform prior to Rabin’s murder, spread like wildfire Sunday.

The owner of the wedding hall reportedly claims that several men in civilian clothes and with security IDs entered the wedding hall towards end of the wedding party.

The entire dance appears to have lasted about a minute or two, with the most horrid scenes being repeated several times in the media.

The father of the groom insists that the “guests” were not invited and that he was in another part of the hall during the hate dance.

On the other hand, a bunch of screwballs sometimes crash a wedding party at the end, do their shtick and leave.

If the conspiracy theory is true, why would the Shin Bet go to such extreme means to discredit the guests? Is the Shin Bet so ticked off at being defamed by allegations of torture and banning prayer that it has to go such extremes just to “get back” at them?

Or perhaps the Shin Bet staged the hate dance so it would have a legal reason to demand the list of guests, giving them on one page the names of what may be the vast majority of some imagined nationwide Jewish terror cell that indeed is damaging the country and could incite a full-scale Palestinian Authority war if not snuffed out to the core.

There also is one side-effect to the latest conspiracy theory. Countless residents of Judea and Samaria have roundly criticized spreading the allegations, not because they are true or false but because they divert attention away from the number on task in Judea and Samaria, and that is to weed out the extremists who are growing under the feet of normal people.

Whatever your answers to the questions, remember one thing: Those who shut up are those who probably are the ones who can be believed.



  1. To call it a "conspiracy theory" is to cheapen and compare it to theories that are weird and baseless. This video was the work of the Shabak. They have a long history of this type of thing. I remember after they raided the home of Yigal Amir they claimed to have found a copy of The Day of the Jackal (lol).(He was influenced by English language novels. I thought he was a "religious fanatic"?) Neither the bride or groom knew these wedding crashers who did these odd things. If you were to call stabbing a photograph "incitement" in the US you would be laughed out of the room.
    Murderers must be brought to justice. But that means capturing the person who committed the crime not torturing innocent people to extract false confessions and claiming to have a mysterious wedding video. The government is under pressure by Israel's left and the European governments to hurt Jews. They know they have a weak case. The video is to bolster this weakest of witch trials.

  2. Can you blame people since Shin Bet did come before the wedding, identified themselves, asked that no one know about them, and then conveniently started to video tape the whole dance and then proceeded to give it to the media, just when people were screaming about their use of torture? Who invited the unwanted guests? Obviously, Shin Bet stooges.

  3. My concern is something else entirely.

    Our unity is everything. It is our only hope–and the only hope we need. It is what made us worthy of the Torah, it is our light to the world, and per Hillel and Rabbi Akiva, it is both the whole of Torah and its general principle (though per Hillel, (although) the rest are details, (certainly) go out and learn.

    When we don't have a unity of mutual responsibility, then ISIS, and other Islamist, Fatah, etc., find their hate-filled kind–its a balance scale, and they know it too.

    In a ditty by Hamas about a year or two ago, the lyrics hopefully proclaim that (approx.) "The hearts of the Zionists go in every which way, no two the same."

    This is not without precedent going back into history: from the error of Yoseph's brothers, to Dathan, Abiram and Korach in Moses’s generation, to the Hellenist Jews who egged on Antiochus, to the post Maccabean disputes “resolved” by inviting in the Roman Republic, to a history of disputes up to the egging on of the Soviet government by the Jewish section of the Communist party, and perhaps most insidiously till our present day of Jewish BDS supporters, Breaking the Silence and such shenanigan’s as this article analyzes:

    “… Given Hitler’s voluminous rants about Jews, it is not surprising that one aspect of his obsession is less known: the pleasure he took in the spectacle of Jews deriding and defaming other Jews. Hans Frank, one of Hitler’s top aides, quotes him as saying:

    ‘I am an innocent lamb compared to revelations by Jews about Jews. But they are important these disclosures of Jew’s most secret, always totally hidden qualities, instincts, and character traits. It isn't I who say this, it is the Jews.
    themselves who say it about themselves, about their greed for money, their fraudulent ways, their immorality, and their sexual perversions.’ …”.

    [“Moral Emptiness of Holocaust Survivors Who Took on Israel—The True Face Behind a New York Times Ad”– Alvin H. Rosenfeld, [Quoted in the Fall 2014 issue of TOGETHER—The American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors & Their Descendants, Vol. 28, Number 2, p.1,17]

    From the BBC to CNN, from Iran to Hezbollah, from Hamas to Fatah—there is doubtless much similar praise for the important revelations via Jewish disunity today.

    With or without head covers, political Right or Left, I would rather rise above our difference in love and mutual concern for each other in Israel, than share the same yellow badge and mutual concern for day-to-day survival in a death camp—or worse…

    In the Shabbat Amidah we state, “You are One, and Your name is One, and who is like your people Israel, one nation on earth.” We base our divine protection upon the truth of this similarity of form with our Creator—our Life and length of days…

  4. refusal to recognize that a strain of hatred and virulence has grown among the residents of Judea & Samaria is a true fault of the religious community. Unfortunately, all the conspiracy theories in the world can't wish away the legacy of Yigal Amir and Baruch Goldstein, also products of the crazy strain that has often been lauded in these circles.

    The Jews of Eretz Yisrael have an army and a security system to turn to for protection and defense; the idea of self-initiated "revenge" is abhorrent to the society as a whole and antithetical to any semblence of loyalty to the government.

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