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In an exclusive interview with the, Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS) disclosed that not only has every member of Congress who voted for the Nuclear Iran Deal never seen any of the documents containing key elements of the deal, but also that not a single document from or about those side deals is anywhere in the possession of any Americans.

This means that neither the President of the United States, nor the Secretary of State, nor any member of the U.S. negotiating team has the capacity to read any of these documents and know what they say.


It means that the United States is relying on someone else’s account of what the agreements say in order to determine whether a sufficient degree of protection is afforded the United States and its allies by this agreement.

And if the description U.S. officials have been given is wrong, the United States will not know until Iranian bombs fall.

This government is entrusting – yes, entrusting because there can be no verification of an unknown – the most murderous and voracious regime on the globe with following rules governing its nuclear activity and not even the highest levels of this administration can say exactly what those rules say.

It is staggering.

Pompeo, a Harvard Law School graduate who graduated first in his class from West Point and served in the U.S. military, along with Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) discovered the existence of those secret side deals when they traveled to Vienna and met with members of the International Atomic Energy Agency in July.

Since learning about those side deals, one of which deals with Iran’s Parchin military complex and inspections of such sites and the other deals with the possible military dimensions of Iran’s previous nuclear weapons program, Pompeo has been “obsessed” with finding out the details of those deals.

When asked whether he or other members of Congress planned to subpoena the administration for the documentation surrounding those side deals, Pompeo responded: “they don’t have anything.”

“No notes? No lists? No summaries?” Pompeo was asked.

“Nothing,” he answered.


Pompeo told this reporter that the briefings provided by the administration to members of Congress about the side deals were provided based on recollections of what American officials were told.

Given this bizarre turn of events, opponents of the Joint Nuclear Plan of Action (which includes those invisible side deals) plan to do three things, Pompeo said.

First, they intend to vote to block the deal from going forward, as the administration is already in violation of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act (Corker-Cardin), the first Article of which explicitly required the administration to provide all documentation of every part of the deal. Because the administration has failed to fulfill its obligation, the 60 day clock on the Congressional review period has not yet begun.

Second, the Congressional opponents of the JCPOA will introduce a new motion, one of approval for the JCPOA. This will require members of Congress to affirmatively vote in favor of the deal, if that is their position, despite their ignorance of key aspects of the deal.

And third, opponents of the JCPOA in Congress will move to ensure that the current sanctions on Iran are not lifted.

The revelation provided by Pompeo also brings into focus another profound problem with the Iran agreement: by its terms – that is, according to the terms we have – the agreement is inconsistent with, and purports to overrule, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Agreement. The NNPA is a treaty, and as such, part of the Supreme Law of the Land ordained by the Constitution.

Therefore, the NNPA cannot be overruled by a mere executive agreement, which the administration has insisted is the status of the Iran deal. But if we do not actually know all of the relevant terms to which the United States has acceded, and which will govern the parts of the agreement we can see, it is even more clearly impossible for anyone to determine the extent to which this set of agreements contravenes the NNPA.


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Lori Lowenthal Marcus is a contributor to the A graduate of Harvard Law School, she previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools. You can reach her by email:


  1. Haven’t you been listening to Obama? If you want Peace in the Middle East all that has to happen is for Israel to stop building homes for Jews.

    As soon as we stop construction, the Syrians will stop murdering each other, ISIS will open an ice cream stand, Iran will abandon all weapons, nuclear and conventional, Egypt will stop shooting people at public rallies, Libya will open a series of Middle Eastern Culinary school, Yemen’s civil war will become an Arabic Woodstock. and Iraq will blossom into an idyllic Western style democracy with justice and liberty for all.

  2. It is time for Jewish US voters to stop feeding the Dem Quislings our national defense and to see how lib Dems feel and act toward our best ME ally, Israel. The Dems today are the Quislings of yesterday. The US is being led down the path of destruction and it will stop their ability to aid any free civilized nation that is for Western freedoms and economics. Do not trust the ObamaDems and for pete's sake, stop encouraging socialist Dems as if they will defend the US or Israel. To me, a 76 yr. old, too many Jewish Americans are acting and voting as the 'useful idiots' Stalin described libs who supported the Soviets years ago.

  3. There is someone mighter behind this than man but what purpose I do not know. I know this deal if you want to call it a deal it’s more like sucide to me. They are talking about voting on this thing Sept 11 could it be a political Sept 11 for America. There is a state of war right not in America, white against blacks, gays against Christians the goverment against conservetives. This whole world is upside down. Obama has a knief at the throat of every American and everyone is setting with their tumbs up their flue flue Hole doing nothing about it. God help us make it to the next elections..

  4. Could it be we the USA thought we were getting Europe, China and Russia to back our attempt to get Iran to give up its nuclear ambitions, when in actuality they were all playing us Like a deck of cards? Or was this the USA’s play the whole time? To quote Joe Peshe in JFK: it’s a riddle rapped in an enigma

  5. you know its bad because of the illegals they are now selling lice shampoo and bed bug sprays /powders on TV commercials……. theses people are loaded down with every thing including diseases. And to top it off they do not have to pass a citizen’s test and now apparently Obama and Kerry some how have made it that the senate and congress for only certain Obamas bills now only need 1/3 not the legal 2/3 no law no constitution corrupt sob one and all ..and when a religion try’s to be the government you get persecution of other religions like the dolly lama china took him out because he wanted to be the ruler England kicked the popes out for controlling the monarchy Russia had Rasputin and Iran has the I told you and we in America have psyco homo Muslim Obama this is what happen when religion controls our country’s ..with or senators congress men governor’s and mayors being interbreed and socialists all you have to do is look at your own ton city or state and you will realize we have no democrats or republican’s just interbreed socialist that want to live of every one else’s fish but their own………….and on top of all this alkyds has a new magazine missing a loved on pick em out and pay for them no cod pleases and alkyd says they’ve put hits out on the family’s and the billionaires buffet gates Bloomberg’s ford Rothschild’s Soros Clintons and on it goes they figure if they cant get the father’s they’ll take the sons ..

  6. This is an deliberate act on the part of our president to by pass congress and the Constitution. He is a traitor. he is a member of the NWO and that is against the Logan Act. We have to demand that our Congress put him on trial for treason before he gets the Syrian terrorist on our soil. It is already started in Europe and by next month, Obama will have them flown into our country. The same thing is going to happen if he isn’t stopped. Those are not refugees, they are ISIS soilders heading to our soil. Have you noticed how quite it has been the last couple weeks over there? 75% of these so called refugees are soldiers.

  7. Barbara Freedom as usual you are wrong and do not know what you are talking about! The ACA was not hidden and that nonsense was a ploy by the repubs to try and get the deal stopped! They repubs actually like if not love the ACA as it was their idea and are only against it because President Obama was for it! That is why the repubs lied so much about it! You know, death panels which are not there, It's a government take over of your health care, when in fac the government has nothing to do with your health care, it is only betwen you and your doctor and the insurance company you choose. As for the ACA there are some wonderful things they offer to all their customers which you insurance companies to not give you or give you only at your expense – Children up to 26 are covered on your policy, no pre-existing conditions, free basic physicals and free flu shots and several other important tests which your insurance companyy charges you for but the ACA does not. There is NO REASON WHY ANYONE WOULD BE AGAINST THE ACA UNLESS OF COURS THEY ARE A REPUBLICAN WHO HATES OBAMA AND SIMPLY DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE WELFARE AND GOOD HEALTH OF AMERICANS!

  8. Kenneth Glenn Koons, you are simply to ignorant and too racist to have an intelligent discussion with! Simply put you have no idea of what you are saying and if there is enough time left in your life, you would need to be re-educated to see all your mistakes!

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