US President Obama will invite PM Netanyahu to the White House once Netanyahu’s coalition is set up, according to an Israel Channel 1 report.

The report didn’t say what Obama wanted to talk about, but one can be sure it will include a long discussion about how Israel must make progress on a two-state solution.


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  1. After His Odumbos snubbing of him,Bibi, He should snub Odumbo, for many Reasons. odumbo actually tried to influence the election in Israel by his words and actions here. he had others actively working against Bibi in israel and here. That sounds to me most like political corruption at its highest. but, I am not surprised at all by it.

  2. Just in time for the 2016 election, the gullible leftwing Jews will love it. They will say see see Obama can get along, all for that moment… They are desperate for a little something, perhaps they will find that Obama’s uncle’s 1st wife was Jewish and the leftwing jews will think how wonderful , thus saying see he is one of us, oy

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