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( Speaking to Jewish leaders and the American Jewish community on Friday afternoon, President Barack Obama said he’s had arguments with the Israeli leadership because he considers them his friends, adding that “if I lived in Israel, and I had seen rockets rain down on homes, as I’ve seen when I went to a place like Sderot, if my grandparents had traveled to Israel and lost family in the Holocaust and I hear somebody denying it, I’ve got a visceral reaction that says, how can I do business with somebody like that?”

“What I’ve found after 54 years on this Earth is that my best friends are the ones who I can be honest with,” the president said in a shared webcast with Steve Greenberg, chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, and Michael Siegal, chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Jewish Federations of North America, adding, “And if I think that they’re wrong on something, I got to be able to say it. And if they think I’m wrong, they’ve got to be able to give voice to it. That’s what being good friends means.”


Touching the core reason behind Friday’s webscast, the president said, “And I know sometimes that makes it difficult for members of the Jewish community because, as you said, the preference is no daylight, and that means no arguments. But that actually can be dangerous itself if it leads us to make bad decisions that ultimately are bad for the national security of both countries.

Greenberg opened by telling the president “we all want to, and we must emerge from this process united,” and, “We must reaffirm our commitment to that special relationship between the United States and the Israeli people and the Israeli government.” However, as he put it, “We must be vigilant, totally vigilant, in our fight against global terrorism and all of its supporters. And we certainly, sir, must dedicate ourselves to making sure that Iran complies with all the requirements in the agreement, US law, and UN regulations.”

President Obama began by reassuring his Jewish listeners that “this deal blocks every way — every pathway that Iran might take in order to obtain a nuclear weapon. It makes sure that the centrifuges that are currently in Natanz are removed, except for a handful, and it makes sure that they cannot immediately use more advanced centrifuges to build up their capacity to create enriched uranium that might be diverted into a weapons program.”

The president continued, in specific details: “The underground facility of Fordow is converted into a research facility and no longer will have in it centrifuges that could be used to create nuclear weapons or nuclear materials, and might be difficult to reach. The heavy-water facility at Arak that, if struck by a missile, could create a plume and thereby is more difficult to deal with — that is going to be reconfigured.”

And so, with the existing facilities being transformed, a commitment to shipping out stockpiles of highly enriched uranium, an unprecedented verification and inspection mechanism across the entire nuclear production chain within Iran that is—more rigorous than anything that has ever been negotiated in the history of nuclear nonproliferation, the president suggested the deal is foolproof. And, should this foolproof system fail after all, Obama said, “we also preserve the capacity to snap back all the various sanctions provisions that we put in place very systematically … in the event that Iran cheats or does not abide by the terms of the deal.”

At which point the president said, “So with that, why don’t I open it up for some questions?”


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  1. Phillip Nagle, you have been spouting this nonsense since before the pack was made public! What you refuse to understand is that without this agreement, Netanyahu gets what he wants and that is WAR. That is the fact and he knows it will be waged by the US and Israel will not have to be involved! He wants the US to do his dirty work and loose it's sons and daughters. Dispite what you and other ignorant fools think, there is no better deal to have been reached. Russia and China have said if this deal is not approved they will no longer agree to sanctions so everything falls apart! The Iranis will get a bomb and all the conventional weapons they want from Russia and China. You know G-d gave you one advantage over everyone else in the world, He gave you a Jewish brain, problem is you are not using it to think.

  2. Cody Flecker you continue to be an ignorant idiot who does not know a damned thing about what you are saying! The only people who have lied in the last 2 national elections have been the repubs and conservatives, who actually want a war between the US and Iran because thier business friends will make a lot of money. They do not care about you or anyone else! They know they will not have to fight nor will anyone of their children be sent off to war to die because they want to be even richer than they already are. You really do not know anything on this issue and the best thing you can do to stop looking like an ignorant idiot is to stop posting stupid staements!

  3. Edward Lobel Typical Liberal thinking, ie any pact is better than no pact. And when more and more comes out as to how bad the pact is the attitude is "see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil". The "crazies" are those who support this pact.

  4. First he said it was a "calculated risk". Now he says it is "foolproof". What changed? Nothing. The deal looks worse and worse. This Iran regime is at war with the US and is trying to build nukes. Impose really tough sanctions or take out their sites. We do not need troops on the ground. The US couldn't stop N. Korea and they won't stop Iran. What is the appropriate Yiddish word here? Dreykop. The very best.

  5. Edward Lobel I don't think YOUR brain is fuctioning. 1.Netanyahu does not want war. The Iran regime is the belligerent, not Israel. 2. If Iran gets a bomb and all the weapons they want from Russia and China without the deal then why do they need it? Ever wonder about that? If the US rejects the deal over 80% of sanctions will still remain because other countries will choose business with the US over business with Iran, a comparatively tiny economy. Try to open your mind beyond Obama's talking points. You are today a useful idiot.

  6. Edward Lobel And perhaps you're not as smart as you think. The word is not "PACK". It's pact. You misspelled "LOSE". There's a difference between lose and loose. Also, someone should teach you the difference between its and it's. The name of the people in Iran is Iranians not "Iranis". You misspelled "despite" as "dispite".
    I don't usually correct people's English, but since you call everyone else a fool I think it's appropriate in your case.

  7. He's by far the best liar and con man I've ever seen in my 72 years. I am a republician but my dad was a die hard democrat and if he could see and hear what's going on in the democratic party today he would turn over in his grave. He was a hard working and very honest man and that is something the democratic party doesn't understand. My parolees were more honest than these people and had mire love for their country than these self serving morons living high off the American people. Time to limit terms in office and do away with their retirement. Same for presidents. Then it is no longer about money and power. They will have to have a strong love of country to run for office

  8. Edward Lobel Do Judaism a favor and confess that being born a Jew, embarrases you. When the Socialists take control in America, it is Jew's like you who will cause a significant rise in anti-semitism. Hitler came from the nation of the most assimilated Jew's.

  9. Iran continuously threatens to destroy Israel and claims it is a one bomb country. Israel must be partners in the negotiations directly and Iran must recognize Israel's right to exist and sign a legally legitimate world recognized peace treaty. That is the best basis for a longterm peaceful region. Why aren't the negotiators pressing Iran to make those concessions? Why is it not possible?

  10. Bollocks Obama wiil make such purring noises to the Jews like "we've got your back" -"you are our best ally" and many others including the threat to withhold arms and knowing full well he is handing the Arabs a nuclear weapon whilst trying to "suck up to the Jews:" As soon as his back is to the wall or he needs the Jewish vote for the Democrats etc.- and do you know what?
    The Jews in the form of JStreet and the New Israeli Fund are supporting him! Most Jews know that "blackman speak with forked tongue" but some Liberal Jews can't see this.We need every Jewish vote to stop the crazy Iranian deal or face the consequences.

  11. I'm sorry, but Obama is full of sh-t! I hate when he says things like : he considers PM Netanyahu a friend, that he had Israel's back ( yes, with a knife in it ) and Israel has a right to defend itself. He is doing everything in his power to destroy Israel and the United States ! Even Iran says they aren't committing to honor this " deal ". Obama is giving them enough money to continue their terrorist activities with nothing in return!!! People who say war is the only other alternative….B.S. …the sanctions were working !!

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