Photo Credit: MEMRI

In this Arabic conversation (with English subtitles) Palestinian Envoy to the UN Human Rights Council, Ibrahim Khreisheh, tells his interviewer why the Palestinian Authority can’t go to the ICJ, the International Court of Justice to sue Israel for Crimes against Humanity.

His reason?


He explains how it is the Palestinians who are committing crimes against humanity, not Israel.

That’s a good reason, and surprisingly honest. I wonder if he can be called up as a witness.


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  1. Those rockets flown indiscriminately from Gaza towards Israel were intent to indiscriminate killings especially civilians, a great crime against the State of Israel. Israel has all the rights to protect the land and the people to finally end all of those threats against the State of Israel.

  2. 1236 + rockets maliciously fired at random into densly populated cities in ISRAEL is a terrible war crime; one rocket can kill and wound as many as 20 – 30 civilians, HAMAS maliciously did this as an act of terrorism; despite ISRAELI attempts to warn civilians in GAZA to evacuate; HAMAS has urged if not forced them to crowd amongst places targeted due to rockets being fired from; IDF has one mandate here; STOP THE ROCKETS; STOP HAMAS; yet HAMAS USES CIVILIANS TO TWIST THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNTIY AGAINST THE ISRAEL GOVERNMENT who are acting on nothing but its sworn oath to protect its people; TERRORISM IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY; it is not a threat to ISRAEL; IT IS A THREAT TO ALL WHO ENJOY FREEDOM AND HUMAN RIGHTS………thanks to the internet ; we can see whats propaganda in the name of terrorism and whats not; That should be the next phase towards ultimately realising peace; the world unite against TERRORISM and rid itself from it; this Life doesnt need it; anybody any movement or religion practising this should be condemned stamped out from any civilised country; our children may trully see a brighter world of true brotherly love and peace; after all; we’re just one big family; THE HUMAN RACE

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