Photo Credit: Israel Police
Jordanian guns being smuggled into Israel. August 22, 2021

The police have arrested a Bedouin from southern Israel on suspicion he was attempting to smuggle weapons from Jordan.

The Police stated Monday that intelligence and enforcement activity conducted by several police units on Sunday led to the thwarting of the smuggling of seven handguns of various types originating from the Jordanian border.


The suspect, who noticed the police forces during the smuggling attempt and after taking the weapons into his possession, tried to escape from the scene in his vehicle while throwing a bag from the window, in which the weapons were subsequently found.

At the end of the chase, the police arrested the suspect and took him for interrogation. Later, two more suspects were arrested.

The police asked the court on Monday to extend the detention of the three. The court granted the request and their detention was extended until next Sunday.

“The Israel Police will use all the means at its disposal to eradicate the possession and trade of illegal weapons and will bring to justice those involved,” it stated.


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