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Mohammed the Prophet is not a pig. Let’s make that perfectly clear, so I don’t get arrested for angering a Muslim.

Mohammed is dead. Whether he was a pig or not, or really is a pig in his after life, is not known.


It is known that a 20-year-old Israeli yelled in front of Muslim women on the Temple Mount, “Mohammed is a pig.”

The Muslims did not call Jews pigs. They simply screamed, “Slaughter the Jews.”

Now, guess who was arrested, the Muslim women calling for murder or the Jewess insulting the prophet of Islam, may he rest in the peace process?

Jerusalem police spokeswoman Luba Samri said the police show “zero tolerance” toward such provocations as calling Mohammed a pig, so the Jew, Avia Morris, was arrested.

Police arrested another Israeli on Monday for uttering the same expression.

Morris told Channel 2 television:

They [Muslim women] wouldn’t stop insulting us. They didn’t stop offending our feelings and those of Jews. At some point, after more than an hour of taunts and insults, I decided to respond after things reached a climax.

Arabs, of course, reacted with something other than “oink, oink.” Arab media posted the video of Morris making her remark, and Arabs dutifully responded by rioting like, uh, wild pigs.

That is why police arrested her. They don’t want to deal with Arab riots.

Jews don’t riot when Arabs say, “Slaughter the Jews.”

The police go into action only after the Arabs actually do slaughter the Jews, such as last year in a Jerusalem synagogue, where three rabbis and another Jew were hacked to death during morning prayer services.

No, Mohammed is not a pig. Why insult a pig?



  1. In the Coran its written the Jews and the christians too, are apes and pigs…now while the pig is associate d to man that molest a young girl and a child, like mohamud the pig of Islam, and like many muslim pigs that force 7-9 years old girls to marry them, why the muslims are insulted when we tell them something, after they have offendended and called for our killing? If the muslims do NOT want to be called pigs, they should start: 1) change the Coran, 2) stop caling Jews and Christians Alike apes and pigs, 3) stop calling for the killing of no muslims…until than, we will call them pigs every single day…..muslims are pigs, full stop..

  2. ..but while we are punished, we wonder when Israel will start punish the imams and the muslims that offend the Jews and Christians in the Holy Land and in the Holy City of Jerusalem….Israel should STOP the double standard…enough

  3. And….in other news, scientists have now developed a heart heathy pork. Pig that is actually good for those who may decide to eat it. Personally I don't, it makes me yak, ralf, puke. How did they make it safer, I guess they squeezed the Muhammad out of it.

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