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Jaffa terrorist on the ground

Israel Police plan to award a commendation to a patrolman and an auxiliary policeman who killed the terrorist who had committed a string of attacks in Jaffa in early March, killing an American tourist and wounding 12. US Vice President Joe Biden was participating in an event at the Peres Center nearby while the attacks were taking place.

District commander Brigadier-General Yehuda Dahan made the recommendation for the award because the two men “showed an effort to make contact with their actions, and thus prevented attacks on other civilians.” Tel Aviv District Police Commander Major General Moshe Edri approved the recommendation.


The citations will be awarded despite criticism at the time that the auxiliary policeman was seen shooting the terrorist, Bashar Masalha, 22, from Kalkilya, while standing over him after he had been neutralized and was lying on the grass.

A police HR committee will discuss in the coming days whether or not to accept the recommendations, Walla reported Sunday. It appears that the policeman, who shot the terrorist first, will receive the Medal of Distinguished Service, while the auxiliary cop will receive a certificate of appreciation.

The video documentation of the incident shows police chasing after the terrorist who was still armed with a knife and escaping from the Jaffa harbor area northbound, towards Tel Aviv. He ran on the promenade and attacked pedestrians. He was then shot by a policeman, fell down and then the auxiliary cop shot him again, saying he identified him as still being dangerous.

The same video also contains comments by people standing near the scene who encouraged the auxiliary man with calls to “give him one in the head, don’t be afraid, give him in the head.” After the shot, one of the people present is heard saying, “Good, good, you’re king. Bravo, give him in the head, my brother.”



  1. So, the soldier who shot and killed a terrorists who was neutalised and lying on the grass should be awarded a medal, not facing serious charges.
    Now, a very relgious soldier (Heradi) came across palestinans, and cocked his weapon, in case of trouble, was arested and Shabbos, DRIVEN away in a police van and sentenced to some days in prison for cocking his weapon,. Is trhe IDF MAD?

    Every soldier should be instructed to cock his weapon if the felt he was in danger.

    Israel is fighting a Palestinian terror war, which has been encouraged by that war criminal, Abbas, who should have beeen arrested and chraged with war crimes.

  2. Right hand doesn't know what the left is doing, clearly. THis is what happens when the upper echelon is driven by their hope for a political career after their army career is over. It's called pandering to the electorate. Except the electorate has swung far to the right on protecting the citizens of this country and the leftist 'elites' are blind to it!

  3. Anyone who thinks a terrorist is "neutralized" just because he is lying on the ground is an idiot. As long as he is breathing and capable of moving even a finger to detonate a suicide vest or belt, he is a threat. This is a deadly war, and many people don't seem to understand that. Politics be damned.

  4. While I'm not generally advocating such actions, perhaps it is justified to let the enemy know that everyone of their terrorist who's caught will be coming back in a body bag, so that cannot do such acts, ever again. How many of the exchanged prisoners were found committing terrorist acts again?

  5. For some reason, maybe because the soldiers are younger than police, the IDF forbids the soldiers to kill neutralized terrorists. The police clearly have different instructions. Still, it seems quite confusing and contradictory to have such opposite policies. Perhaps the soldier on trial should have tried to call for a policeman?

  6. Give two medals, the other to Orel. Terrrorist has a history of violence it was a logical call to shoot. Stop pulling apart the soldiers that protect Israeli people, they are much needed and should be blessed not harrassed.

  7. The patrolman and auxiliary policeman are to be commended for their actions in removing a terrorist threat. But I am confused. Are these valiant and decisive men being nominated for bravery awards because they dispatched the murderer of a USA citizen while Sgt Elor Azaria has been indicted for manslaughter for putting down a terrorist whose continued existence only threatened Jews?

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