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Howard Stern and Donald Trump.

SiriusXM radio host Howard Stern told listeners Monday that Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States.



Here is his explanation:

I’ll tell you why I think he’s going to be the nominee: He’s proven that no matter what he says, people dig him.

[Voters} hate illegal immigrants but they just feel funny saying it — whether it’s rational or not — ‘Is the illegal immigrant draining your economy?’ Possibly. ‘Is he taking away your job?’ Possibly.

Trump has been a frequent guest on Stern’s show, which the media star used last year to wildly back Israel in the latest against Hamas missile attacks.

He is against Judaism as an organized religion, but his daughter Emily reportedly has become Orthodox.

The Los Angeles Jewish Journal’s Rob Eshman wrote last year about Stern:

Stern was born Jewish, suffered through—his words—Hebrew school and bar mitzvah studies—and has nothing kind to say about Judaism in particular or organized religion in general.

But the 60 year-old Long Island boy is deeply, tribally, culturally Jewish—and for Jews like him, Israel is the obvious answer to the enduring problem of anti-Semitism, as well as to anti-American, anti-Western, anti-democratic forces in the Middle East.

Stern may be anti-religion, but he is pro-American, pro-democracy, pro-Western and pro-Jews.  So, he is pro-Israel.




  1. Stern and Trump get along because they are not afraid to say it like it is. I like Trump very much but because he want to deport 12 millions illegals he won't be nominated by the Republicans, worse if they nominate him the Republicans will lose again in 2016 like they lost 2018. The result will be paying for another one or two terms of Demacrats.

  2. Stern is a smart guy who a) (typically of Hebrew school graduates) had a horrible experience with Judaism beforw his barmitzvah and b) (like most Jews) has very little clue about what Judaism is really about. Maybe his daughter can teach him if he is prepared to listen to her with an open mind and explore it together.

  3. Mireille is going forward, backward and forward all at the same time. Actually what happened in 2018 is Obama was received by Ayatollah Khamani and reunited with his childhood religion. "Blessed be thee my son Barak, Hussein Obama – Aloh Akbah!!

  4. How can you claim that Stern hates Judaism? Did he ever say that? Can you quote him on that. I used to listen to his show five days a week for about 6 years and never heard him say anything that indicated a hatred for Judaism. Are you making an assumption based on your interpretation of his actions or did he actually say he hates Judaism. A professional reporter would be able to back up such a statement….unless this is your opinion of what you think he is feeling. I happen to think he loves Judaism. That's from years of listening to him for several hours a day. But I'll tell you that's my opinion rather than report it as a fact.

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