Photo Credit: Sebi Berens / Flash 90
The scene where a truck rammed into a group of Israeli soldiers, killing at least four, in the Armon HaNatsiv neighborhood of Jerusalem. At least 15 more people were injured in the terrorist attack. January 08, 2017.

Israelis vowed to gather for a protest Sunday evening at 6 pm at the site of a savage truck ramming terror attack that took the lives of four young Israeli soldiers earlier in the day, and left 15 others wounded.

A poster in large red letters, proclaiming “Jewish blood isn’t cheap!” was circulated on social media within hours after the attack.


In big letters at the bottom, the poster declared, “Revenge to the enemy!”

Clicking on the poster led to a photo of the attack site that showed the truck used by the terrorist, over which big red letters said in Hebrew, “The people of Israel demand REVENGE!”